MURDER USA Arrest made of Sean Urbanski in stabbing death of Richard Collins III at U of Md College Park

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MURDER USA Arrest made of Sean Urbanski in stabbing death of Richard Collins III


Second Lt. Richard Collins III murdered at bus stop by Baltimore resident in College Park Md. May 20, 2017

COLLEGE PARK, MD. – University of Maryland Police Sgt. Rosanne Hoaas reports that 2nd Lt. Richard Wilbur Collins III was the victim of Baltimore man who stabbed him to death at a bus stop.

Sean Christopher Urbanski, 22, of 511 Red Oak Drive, Severna Park, Md., has been charged with first-degree murder, as well as second-degree murder and first-degree assault.

Urbanski has no previous criminal record in Maryland and remains in jail pending a hearing on June 15, 2017.

FILE – This undated file photo provided by the University of Maryland Police Department shows Sean Urbanski, who was charged with fatally stabbing a visiting student Saturday, May 20, 2017, on campus. (University of Maryland Police Department)

According to police, on Saturday, May 20, 2017, at about 3:05 am, police were called for a reported assault with a knife on Regents Drive near Montgomery Hall.  Police found Collins suffering from serious wounds and provided medical aid until EMS workers arrived and transported Collins to a hospital where he died.

Prince Georges County Police located Urbanski nearby and witnesses identified him to police as the killer.  

Prince Georges County States Attorney Angela Alsobrooks joined UMD Police Chief David Mitchell and PG County Police Chief Hank Stawinski at a press conference on May 22, 2017, and said it was too early to decide if the murder would also be pursued as a hate crime.

Col David Mitchell behind Stawinski at press conference on murder in College Park

Collins was a student at Bowie State and would have graduated two days following his murder.

University of Maryland Police Chief Mitchell said he requested the FBI to investigate the case after learning that Urbanski was a member of a Facebook group Alt-Reich Nation

University of Maryland Police Chief Mitchell said he requested the FBI to investigate the case after learning that Urbanski was a member of a Facebook group Alt-Reich: Nation, where members posted satirical and denigrating material about blacks and others.

FBI SAC agent for Baltimore Field Office, Gordon Johnson told the press conference that his agents are on the case to determine if the murder was a hate crime.

Witnesses told police that they were with Collins at a bus stop about 3 am when they saw Urbanski coming towards them screaming.

“Step left, step left if you know what’s good for you,” shouted Urbanski as he approached the trio, according to charging documents.  Collins refused and Urbanski is reported to have stabbed him once in the chest, which killed him.

Fallout from Facebook Page of Alt-Reich Nation

The flame war underway on the Alt-Reich Nation Facebook Page has produced a job casualty for one poster. According to the Anne Arundel County Police Chief, one of the employees of that agency has been suspended due to a post he allegedly placed on that Facebook Page:

Welb Burgone posting on Facebook page of Alt-Reich Nation and suspended from AACPD (2)

On May 22, 2017, the Anne Arundel County Police Department was made aware of an inappropriate Facebook post regarding a homicide that recently occurred at the University of Maryland. The post was made by Welby Burgone, a former police academy recruit who is currently assigned as a civilian employee in our Communications Section.  Within hours of being made aware of the comment, the Professional Standards Unit began an investigation which resulted in the suspension of Mr. Burgone.

The social media post made by Mr. Burgone about the murder of Bowie State University student Richard Wilbur Collins III by the University of Maryland Student Sean Urbanski was extremely insensitive and appeared to be racially motivated.  

The actions of this employee are a betrayal of the values of the Anne Arundel County Police Department. Any employee who espouses or supports hateful or racist ideology will be held accountable and we will not allow the public’s trust in their police department to be eroded”, Chief Timothy Altomare.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: An examination of the Alt-Reich Nation Facebook group page reveals anti-leftist postings by members of the group and replies from individuals who find the rants and views diametrically in opposition to their own views.  Both liberals who call for the group to be investigated and prosecuted and members of the group who assert that whites are the downtrodden are engaged in a flame war.  The fact that Urbanski is a member of the group likely won’t win him any fans in the general public after he allegedly murdered in cold blood, a fine young man about to graduate from college and enter the U. S. Army.

The contents of 24 hours of posts reveal nothing criminal though the fiery rhetoric encompasses all the finer elements of free expression and thought. One post called for the group to not only be prosecuted for their posts but also for their “thoughts”.

Whether or not the U.S. Attorney decides to prosecute this case of murder as a hate crime really has little to do with the expected outcome. Urbanski will be convicted, but unfortunately, due to the past liberal Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley and the liberal yahoos of the Maryland General Assembly the worst that will happen to the accused will be a sentence of life without parole in the state prison. He will get to hang around a lot of big black guys.  Should he be prosecuted in Federal Court, he might get the death penalty. Either way, he might not be able to take part in his favorite Facebook group.)  

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From ABC2 Baltimore:

The Chesapeake Today Vol 10 No 2 All Crime, All The Time – Buy now on Amazon – FREE for Kindle Unlimited Customers – Available for purchase in print edition on newsstands in Virginia, Maryland, & Delaware

BOWIE, Md. – Second Lt. Richard Collins III was a well-liked student on the Bowie State University campus. He was stabbed and killed at the University of Maryland campus early Saturday morning while visiting friends. On Monday, the Bowie State University community came together to remember him.

“We all loved him. He never made a soul mad. You never got get mad at him because all he did was bring you nothing but life and energy,” said Jeremiah Bines, a friend of Collins.

“I talked to Richard on a daily basis, saw Richard on a daily basis. The natural love that he had for just humans, in general, was unconditional, unwavering,” Ovando Brown said.

From friends to family, to those he looked up to in the ROTC program, no one denies that Collins’ death is something they may never recover from.

“When I first heard the news I was beyond shocked. I was shaken to my core because he was such a sweet soul,” Chantel Farlow said.

Sean Christopher Urbanski, 22, is suspected of stabbing and killing Collins. He’s charged with first and second-degree murder and first-degree assault.

Sean Christopher Urbanski, 22, is suspected of stabbing and killing Collins. He’s charged with first and second-degree murder and first-degree assault. 

Because of Urbanski’s membership in the racially charged Facebook group, “Alt-Reich,” Collins’ death is now being looked into as a hate crime.

“Why? Why does this still exist? Am I confused about it still existing? No. Why? Yes,” Brown said.

Collins was expected to graduate Tuesday and commissioned to go to the Army.  


052017 at approximately 0330hrs I, D/Cpl. Kelly ID#242 currently assigned to the Criminal Investigation Unit (CIU) at the University of Maryland Police Department (UMPD), initiated an investigation into a stabbing which took place at the bus stop outside of Montgomery Hall 0570 Regents Dr., College Park, MD 20742.

Upon my arrival to UMPD, patrol officers had a suspect in custody and two (2) witnesses who were present at the time of the stabbing. The Victim, Richard Collins 3rd. (Identified by his friend and his Maryland Driver’s license) received a stab wound to the chest. Witnesses described the suspect as a white male, college age, 6′ 2″ short brown hair, wearing a short sleeve green shirt and khaki shorts.

suspect described was later identified by the two witnesses, his Maryland Driver’s license and University of Maryland student ID as Sean Christopher Urbanski.

(According to witnesses, Collins 3rd along with two friends were standing at the bus stop outside of Montgomery Hall located at (7570 {Regents Dr, College Park, MD 20742). They were talking while they waited for the University of Maryland shuttle bus. After waiting for some time, they realized the shuttle bus had stopped running for the night. The three decided to call an Uber to take home since they live close to each other and Collins 3rd vehicle was parked close to where his friend lives.

hey heard the Suspect, Sean Urbanski screaming and watched him as he approached them from next to the trees close to the bus stop. Urbanski said, “Step left, step left if you know what’s best for you.” Collins 3rd said, “No” as Urbanski continued to approach. The female companion saw a knife in Urbanski’s hand (described as short, about 3-4-inch silver blade) as he delivered a single stab to Collins 3rd in the chest area. The female companion ran toward Baltimore Ave as she called 91 1 and asked the Uber driver to call 91 1. The other witness stayed with Collins 3rd and rendered aid until police and EMS arrived on scene.

MPO Thomas #376 was one of the first officers to arrive on the scene, he observed Collins 3rd lying on the ground, suffering from an apparent stab wound to his chest. The witnesses on scene provided the above description of Urbanski to MPO Thomas #376 for police units to search for him. As MPO Thomas #376 rendered aid to Collins 3rd, he began to go in and out of consciousness. MPO Thomas #376 started performing CPR until fireboard arrived on scene and took control of rendering medical aid to Collins 3rd. Two Prince George’s County Police Officers, P.O Canino #4005 and Cpl. Kelley #3502 found Urbanski sitting on a bench at a bus stop approximately 50 feet from where Collins had collapsed.

He matched the above description and he was wearing the clothes as described.

A person matching the description was stopped and identified as Urbanski. Urbanski was held pending witnesses’ identification. Both witnesses were taken to the opposite side of the road where they both positively identified Sean Urbanski as the same individual that stabbed Richard Collins 3rd. Officers recovered the knife described above from Urbanski’s front right pocket. Urbanski was placed in handcuffs and transported to UMPD where he was interviewed by me, Det. Kelly #242.

Fireboard transported Collins 3rd to PGH Trauma Center, where Dr. Daee pronounced Collins 3rd dead at 0410 hours.

All events occurred in College Park Prince Georges County Maryland.


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