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Norfolk Police Beat / Criminal takes a bite out of lawman

Both responding officers were injured while taking the man into custody. One officer sustained a significant bite wound and the second officer suffered what has been described as minor injuries. Both are at home, and should make a full recovery.

Prince William Police Beat / Jeffery Parker’s Great Temper Tantrum Lands Him in Hoosegow for Burglary

As the victim and family members held the front door shut, the accused broke a front window then fled the area on foot as police arrived. A police K-9 was used to search for the accused who was located and detained without incident.

Stafford Police Beat: Brian Kevin Blair wanted for being a lousy shot at Minniear Court melee

FREDERICKSBURG, VA. — This story from the Naked City is indicative of two main characteristics of a good part of society. One, that society is filled with morons; and two, that many of them have guns and can’t shoot straight.

Northern Virginia Police Beat: Alexandria cops seek slashing burglar

The Alexandria Police Department is investigating a malicious wounding and burglary that occurred in the 400 block of Jackson Place. Additional offenses of robbery and abduction are now being investigated in this case.