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Dover Police Beat / Armed robbers have to work Sundays to wring money out of their victims; Joshua Lewis now in slammer

Police say that when she received the money, Lewis, entered her vehicle through the passenger side door and displayed a large knife, demanding the money.

MURDER USA Man found shot to death at Alder Park Apartments in Deadly Dover

Homicide Detectives are continuing their investigation by conducting interviews and collecting evidence at the scene to determine the circumstances surrounding this incident.

Murder USA: Murder USA Dover Police Nab Rondree Campbell for gunning down Sylvester Williams

Chief Paul Bernat stated: “We have provided extra patrols, we have positioned our officers and arranged their work schedules to combat criminal activity, and we continue to conduct community outreach activities in our high-crime areas. At some point, the citizens have to speak up and take a stand. That time is now. Help us, help you.”

Murder USA: Erick Morton charged with 5th murder of the year for Dover

DOVER, DEL. – Another gunman has been charged with murder in the City of Dover, according to Cpl. Mark Hoffman of the Dover Police. Charged with murder in the first degree is Erick Morton, 29, of Magnolia, Del.

Delaware’s Dirty and Dangerous Dozens

The investigation revealed that the suspects would conceal their identity by donning clothing items over their faces and then make forced entry into the home of the victims and utilize firearms to commit robbery. During one of the home invasion robberies, two victims were shot and killed and during another, one victim was wounded during an exchange of gunfire.

Murder USA: Murder on North New Street adds to Dover’s deadly drama

A short time later, witnesses observed the body of David L. Clark lying on the ground with an apparent gunshot wound to his upper body. There are no further details to be released at this time.

Dover Police Beat: Crazy man kept cops at bay for hours after chasing firefighters out of residence

Despite Stevens violently struggling with officers, police were successful in the safe rescue of Stevens from the residence. He was immediately transported to a local hospital for treatment for his condition and his self-inflicted injuries. During the ordeal, area residences were evacuated and held in the community pool house parking lot for their safety.

Dover Police Beat: Brittany Paige killed when she ran out into traffic without looking each way

Dover Police Beat: Brittany Paige killed when she ran out into traffic without looking each way – Numerous witnesses observed the victim looking at her cell phone with ear buds in her ears as she walked through the stopped traffic, then began to jog across the northbound lanes without looking for oncoming traffic.

Dover Police nab trigger-happy bozo Agmere in Bubba’s shooting; he hip-hopped his way to jail!

Dover Police nab trigger-happy bozo Agmere in Bubba’s shooting; he hip-hopped his way to jail! – Police say that after the victim and his girlfriend got into their car, Ingram and Matthews, who were in possession of handguns, shot at the victims several times. Officers located the victims and their vehicle, which had numerous bullet holes in it. However, neither part inside of the car was struck by any rounds that were fired. The male victim was taken to Kent General Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries and released.

Dover Police Beat: Cops grab coke and cash; arrest Ronald Parker

DOVER, DEL. — According to Dover Police Cpl. Mark Hoffman, an alleged drug dealer was nabbed with a good day’s supply of cocaine and a pocket full of moola.

Officers from the Dover Police Department’s Drugs, Vice, and Organized Crime Unit and Safe Streets Unit reportedly arrested a Dover man in possession of 13.5 grams of crack cocaine. Officers contacted Ronald L. Parker, 56, in his vehicle in the area of Minima Street and West North Street in Dover.