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Gallup: citing high taxes, nearly half of Marylanders want to flee

Thirty-three percent of residents want to move to another state, according to the average of the 50 state responses. Seventeen states come close to that 50-state average. Another 16 are above the average range, including three showing an especially high desire to move. In fact, in these three — Illinois, Connecticut, and Maryland — roughly as many residents want to leave as want to stay

Gansler advocates dumping independent prosecutor that specializes in locking up crooked politicians!

The state established the unit within the Attorney General’s Office in 1977 to investigate election law violations, bribery, perjury and other offenses by public officials and employees.

Maryland Gubernatorial Candidates:

By Ken Rossignol Political Analysis THE CHESAPEAKE LEONARDTOWN — The race for Maryland’s Governorship kicks off in full bloom with a full house of cross-geographic and cross-racial candidates on both…

Will Doug Gansler become Governor?

COMPTON, MD. — Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler enjoys strong support in many regions of the state of Maryland in his quest to become Governor. Attorney General Thomas B. Finan…