HEROIN HIGHWAY TO HELL IN HOWARD / Police charge six in drug distribution case with drug dealer Brandon Dew on a rebound from spring

To date, there have been 45 overdose deaths and 144 non-fatal overdoses in Howard County in 2017. In 2016, there were 29 heroin-related overdose deaths and 131 non-fatal opioid overdoses for the entire year, sometimes in combination with other drugs.

Maryland State Police Beat / Another day and another bad guy barricades himself in Somers Cove; convicted drug dealer Richard Sterling Sr. faces kidnapping, robbery and stabbing charges

Instead of dropping him in his tracks with real bullets, the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team was on scene and deployed less lethal tactics which caused Sterling to comply with orders and drop the knife.

Armed violent criminal Marcus Lennon fled from Maryland State Police TFC Braxton while handcuffed; nabbed later while holed up nearby

Lennon gave up without an incident, according to Maryland State Police Spokesman Gregory Shipley. Shipley noted that the trooper used less than lethal force in attempting to take a man with a visible gun into custody.