Stuck in the mud in Chesapeake; Coast Guard probe laid blame to faulty navigation of Bay Pilot

“One of the things that puzzled us was the lack of plotting in this case,” said Lt. Cmdr. M.D. Kearney of the Coast Guard’s marine safety office in Baltimore. “There are probably any number of land targets in that area which would have provided some good radar information.”

Ocean City Police Beat / Where do Future Criminals of America, while packing heat, go for Spring Break to get away from the cops back home? Why, Ocean City, of course!

Ocean City Police reports that one Montgomery County teenager found too much heat back in his hometown and decided it was time to beat feet. Police say he and his gang were captured as they cruised up Coastal Highway in their hot wheels.

USS Conestoga finally identified after the tug / minesweeper vanished in 1921 with 56 souls

Originally built to tow coal barges for the railroad, the Navy purchased Conestoga in 1917 for World War I service. The tug operated on the Atlantic coast and off the Azores, performing convoy and other duties before being assigned to harbor service in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1919.

Murder USA: Two women were blown away by the men they told to get lost; one jilted ex-lover killed victim’s sister too in front of three children

When Reynolds was arrested, Jones posted the bond for him after telling the Judge she didn’t want to go ahead with the assault charges. She recanted her version of the events and disputed the report of the police officer, according to the States Attorney’s Office. Reynolds had been held without bond but after Jones had appeared in court, the Judge allowed bail, and he was freed and then on March 7, 2016, he fulfilled his threat when he murdered Jones and her sister.