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Prince Georges Police Beat: Its Hooligan’s Hollow Days in PG (Pretty Gory County) – the land of rape, robbery and mayhem!

Detectives are also investigating an armed robbery at a convenience store in the 2900 block of Boones Lane in Forestville. Two suspects demanded cash from an employee on May 19th at about 11:15 pm. The victim wasn’t hurt. Once they grabbed cash, the two suspects ran from the store. If you have information on this robbery, please call 301-772-4905

Montgomery County Police Beat: Melvin “Felix-the-Cat-Burglar” Calix charged with assault in home invasion and burglary spree

Melvin “Felix the Cat Burglar” Calix busted for burglary

WHEATON, MD. — Melvin “Felix the Cat Burglar” Calix, who cops say is a cat burglar who on one occasion assaulted a resident of a home, has now been rounded up and given a scratching post in a jail cell. Melvin is lucky he was in a county full of liberals who don’t believe in having guns. Had he ventured away from Montgomery County by a few miles the police would have been called to remove his lame carcass after having expired of lead poisoning.

21st Century Underground Railroad: hookers owned by black slave owners forced to work from Princess Anne north to Delaware and Pennsylvania

One of the victims was physically beaten by Anthony on November 30 prior to being brought to Maryland from Delaware. During the beating, Anthony threatened to kill her if she tried to leave. Fearing for their lives, both remained.

Anthony and Tatem transported the women to Maryland and checked them in to a Somerset County hotel. While traveling, one of the women was able to send a message to a family member alerting them to her situation. The family member immediately alerted police.

Murder USA: Abelardo Alvarado Aguilar shot dead in Laurel; police seek whodunit

The deceased has been identified as Abelardo Alvarado Aguilar, 37, of the 8100 block 15th Avenue, Hyattsville, Maryland.

As the investigation continues to unfold, we urge anyone with information on this incident to contact Detective Jovone Martelle of the Homicide Unit at 410-222-3463. You can also remain anonymous by calling the Anne Arundel County Tip Line 410-222-4700 or Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7LOCKUP.

Talbot County Sheriff Dallas Pope participated in narco-terror seminar on Texas border with Mexico

Sheriffs attending the summit were hosted by Texas Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West who shares a county border of 98 miles with Mexico; of which only 4 miles have a 16 foot border fence.

In the Mexican town of Praxedis G. Guerrero which abuts Hudspeth County, former police Chief Manuel Castro was tortured, killed, and beheaded in 2009. In addition to cross border crime issues, the role of policing this open border falls to the US Border Patrol and the 14 Deputies of the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office.


The rule of law, freedom, and the open market has allowed us to grow and prosper as a nation and to be a magnet for the rest of the world. Those attributes will not survive if we fail to enforce the rule of law and all that it implies. Americans from all backgrounds and parties must not allow that to happen.

G-Men and area cops report indictments of murderous gang of MS 13 gang; that lucky number 13 for 13 defendants may lead to death penalty…won’t that be lucky!

The indictment also alleges on or about March 29, 2014, in Fairfax County, defendants Castillo, Benitez, Cerritos, Cerna, Villanueva, Guevara, and Del Cid, together with others known and unknown to the grand jury, knowingly and intentionally murdered Gerson Adoni Martinez Aguilar.

The indictment also alleges on or about June 19, 2014, in the City of Alexandria, defendants Del Cid, Chavez, and Garcia, together with others known and unknown to the grand jury, knowingly and intentionally murdered Julio Urrutia. The indictment alleges that Chavez killed Urrutia by shooting him with a firearm.

According to the indictment, from on or about September 29, 2013, through on or about October 1, 2013, in Woodbridge, Virginia, defendants Cruz, Torres, and Villegas, together with others known and unknown to the grand jury, knowingly and intentionally combined, conspired, confederated, and agreed together and with each other and others to murder an unnamed person.

Eastern Shore Police Beat: Heroin Kingpins Lined Up for Big House Blues – Now with photos!

Drummond had been charged with Drug Kingpin charges as well as five other counts on June 23rd and locked up in jail on June 24th and released on July 21st, when the Queen Anne’s County States Attorney dropped all the charges. The police and prosecutors filed new charges against Drummond just in time for him to be arrested again on July 25th.

Drummond must have a hard time running his drug kingpin business allegedly selling heroin to the brain-dead druggies of Maryland when he spends so much time behind bars.

In a Caroline County Circuit Court trial held on March 25, 2014, Drummond faced charges of drug possession and attempting to elude police by beating feet in an incident which took place on Oct. 25, 2014. In a plea deal arranged by his attorney Stephanie A. Shipley of Easton and the Caroline County States Attorney, Drummond was found guilty on July 10, 2014. He was sentenced to 90 days in the slammer with no time suspended. Drug possession charges placed on Oct. 26, 2013 by Officer John Labelle resulted in a trial on Jan. 31, 2014. Drummond was found guilty and sentenced to three years and one day.