Baltimore County Police Beat / Ex-con Blaine Erb shot dead after he wounded Officer and citizen on bus

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Baltimore County Police Beat / Ex-con Blaine Erb shot dead after he wounded Officer and citizen on bus

Blaine Robert Erb, an ex-con who did time for attempted robbery and assault killed after he fired repeatedly at Baltimore County Police on June 7, 2017 (2)

DUNDALK, MD. A Baltimore County Police Officer and a civilian are in serious condition, and the suspect, Blaine Erb, dead, after an officer-involved shooting following an armed robbery on June 7, 2017, in Dundalk. Erb was a convicted felon who was prohibited from having a gun in his possession. He was wanted on fugitive charges from Pennsylvania.

The Baltimore Police say that the investigation has revealed that officers were dispatched at 2:49 p.m. to Dundalk Avenue and Avon Beach Road for an armed street robbery in progress. Officers had received information that a single male suspect approached and robbed two people at gunpoint. Police arriving on the scene were updated with information that Erb fled the scene onto a Maryland Transit Administration bus. Police located the bus a short distance from the Logan Village Shopping Center in the 3400 block of Dundalk Avenue and initiated an investigative traffic stop.

Police say that when officers attempted to confront the Erb on the bus, he began shooting at the officers, firing repeatedly at them. The officers returned fire. After exchanging gunfire for an extended period, Erb attempted to flee the MTA bus. Erb collapsed a short distance from the bus, suffering at least one gunshot wound, where he was pronounced deceased.

During the exchange of gunfire, one officer and one civilian each suffered at least one gunshot wound. The officer was taken to R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, where she is listed in serious condition. The civilian, a woman, was transported to an area hospital and is expected to survive.

Body camera footage of this incident is part of the ongoing investigation. The MTA bus was equipped with working surveillance cameras, and any footage captured from these cameras will be part of the investigation as well.


Baltimore County Police have identified the four officers involved in the shooting of the armed robbery suspect:

Police Officer First Class Carver of Precinct 12 is a 5-1/2-year veteran of the force.

Police Officer First Class Leary of Precinct 12 is a 3-1/2-year veteran of the force.

Police Officer First Class Minton of Precinct 12 is a 14-1/2-year veteran of the force.

The fourth officer is a 17-year veteran of the force whose name will be withheld due to the officer’s duty assignment.



None of the officers involved have any prior combat shooting involvement.

The officer shot in the Dundalk police-involved shooting in Dundalk is Officer First Class Slocum, assigned to Precinct 12/Dundalk. She is a 13-year veteran of BCoPD. She remains hospitalized in serious condition.  The wounded officer, assigned to Precinct 12 – Dundalk, was shot twice in a lower extremity during the incident and remains hospitalized in serious condition at R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center.

A 21-year-old female civilian from the 5000 block of Queensberry Avenue, 21215 also suffered a gunshot wound to the lower body during the incident and is expected to survive her injury.

Two .40 caliber semi-automatic handguns were located next to the suspect’s body, as well as numerous gun magazines and ammunition. Detectives have determined that the firearms have not been reported stolen but continue to investigate to identify the last known registered owner. Erb is prohibited from owning or possessing firearms due to a prior conviction for an armed robbery. The investigation has determined that Erb had a lengthy criminal history in Maryland and neighboring states, including charges for robbery, weapon violations, assault, and theft. He also had an open warrant through Pennsylvania.

Detectives have identified five civilians who were on the bus when the incident began, but continue to investigate to determine if there were more.

The investigation has determined that four officers fired rounds at the suspect from their service weapons. Those officers have been placed on routine administrative leave and their names will not be released at this time.

While it has been determined that at least one officer was wearing a Body-Worn Camera at the time of the incident, all visual and audio recordings remain part of the ongoing investigation and will not be released at this time.

  • Blaine Robert Erb, of 40 Cottage Lane, Mill Hall, Pa., was ticketed on May 15, 2016, for driving at a speed greater than reasonable and entered a guilty plea on June 14, 2016, in Baltimore County District Court. He was fined $90.
  • Erb entered a guilty plea to a ticket issued by Officer Moore of the Md. BWI Airport Transit Authority Police for driving without a permit on Jan. 9, 2015 in Anne Arundel County District Court. THE DEAL: Probation Before Judgement with a fine of $42.50 and no time.
  • Erb struck a plea deal with the Anne Arundel County States Attorney on Oct. 15, 2012, to possession of contraband in a jail and got six months in jail and nine other charges were placed on the Stet Docket.
  • While serving time in the Maryland Prison at Westover in Somerset County, Md., Erb struck a plea deal with the Somerset County States Attorney on May 27, 2011, and entered a guilty plea to assault. His sentence was one year in jail.
  • While living at 11345 Pulaski Highway, in White Marsh, a mobile home park in Baltimore County, Erb was charged in an indictment in Baltimore County Circuit Court on May 27, 2003, with armed robbery and four other criminal charges. In a plea deal with the Baltimore County States Attorney, Erb entered a guilty plea to attempted robbery and the other charges were dropped.

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