Southern Maryland Police Beat: angering the Gods of Common Sense and other tales

Police Beat: Failure to use brain

Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller

HUNTINGTOWN, MD. — Not knowing when he was given a break and not arrested on the spot for driving on a suspended driver’s license, this driver tempted fate and angered the Gods of Common Sense and landed in the slammer.  Police report that on 7/14/14 at 6:40 am, Trooper Palumbo stopped a vehicle on Lower Marlboro Rd. in Huntingtown for traffic violations.  Stephen P. Miller, 44 of Huntingtown, was driving on a suspended license.  He was advised he could not continue to drive and he agreed to make arrangements for his own disposition.  Approximately 5 minutes later, after resuming traffic enforcement, Trooper Palumbo observed Miller driving past. He was arrested for failing to obey a lawful order.  He was incarcerated at the Calvert County Detention Center.


Hoarder on wheels

PRINCE FREDERICK, MD. — Maryland State Police report that on 7/14/14 at 7:28 pm, Trooper Warrick responded to the Peebles store in Prince Frederick for a reported shoplifting complaint.  Three males came into the store and stole large quantities of clothing from a sales table near the front entrance of the store.  Approximate value of the merchandise was $7036.  A witness to the event was able to provide a possible registration number for the get-away vehicle.  Investigation continues.


Hotel Calvert has reservation for party of three on crack charges

LUSBY, MD. — Finding local residents with various concoctions and amounts of drugs is easier than dipping legal blue crabs out of the Chesapeake Bay. Police report that on 7/15/14 at 05:02 am, Trooper Palumbo responded to the 12600 block of Mill Creek Rd. in Lusby for a check welfare request.  Upon arrival, Trooper Palumbo found William H. Burns, 27, of Lusby, unconscious.  CPR was performed and Burns was transported to the hospital for further patient care.  While speaking with Katelyn M. Corrliss, 20, and Nichole D. Hobar, 33, both of Lusby, to obtain Burns medical history, several prescription drugs were located and further investigation revealed crack cocaine.   Open charges are pending for Burns, Corliss and Hobar for CDS:  Possession – Not Marijuana.


Ranch Club thievery continues

LUSBY, MD. — On 7/15/14 at 6:37 pm, Trooper First Class Wiesemann responded to the 12400 block of Coyote Court in Lusby for a report of a theft.  The victim reported that the rear registration plate 2AV4992 was missing along with the mount for the plate.  The missing plate has been entered into METERS/NCIC.  Investigation continues.


There is a reason he is an ex-boyfriend

PRINCE FREDERICK, MD. — On 7/16/14 at 5:53 pm, Trooper Warrick received a report of a prescription medication theft.  The victim reported that her ex-boyfriend and his sister had access to her purse while she was taken to the hospital.  Once she was back in possession of her purse, she found a number of prescription pills missing.  Investigation continues.


Crackpipe gave him away

Oliver J. Sherbert

Oliver J. Sherbert

ST. LEONARD, MD.  He should have stuck to Sir Walter Raleigh.  Police say that on 7/17/14 at 8:18 am, Trooper First Class Esnes stopped a vehicle on Rt. 4 near Calvert Beach Rd. in St. Leonard for traffic violations.  Oliver J. Sherbert, 53 of Prince Frederick, was arrested for driving on a revoked license.  Upon exiting the vehicle, Sherbert was moving his hands around his waist area as if he was trying to discard something from his person.  A homemade smoking device containing suspected Cocaine residue was located under the door frame of the vehicle. He initially denied ownership of the CDS but later claimed ownership and admitted to discarding the item in an effort to avoid being charged with it.   He was incarcerated at the Calvert County Detention Center.


Deadhead Express

HUNTINGTOWN, MD. — Forget about that reefer you are passing back and forth with your passenger while tooling down the road, blowing red lights, speeding and making illegal left turns?  Perhaps you are stoned!  This is the story of two visitors from the D.C. area who ventured down to God’s Country and were stopped by a Maryland State Trooper.

Police say that on 7/19/14 at 11:25 pm, Trooper Newcomer stopped a vehicle on Rt. 4 near Plum Point Rd. in Huntingtown for traffic violations.  A strong odor of marijuana was emitting from inside the vehicle.  A probable cause search revealed suspected marijuana in the purse of the driver, Theressa D. Young, 49, of Hyattsville, and another baggie of suspected marijuana was located on the side of the passenger seat.  The passenger, James H. Robinson, 47 of Washington, DC, and the driver, Young, were both arrested and transported to the MSP Barrack in Prince Frederick for processing.


Maybe burglary suspect figured he needed snow tires after running over a wooly caterpillar in the road

James N. Bryant, charged with burglary, fleeing in Prince Frederick, Md. by Maryland State Police

James N. Bryant, charged with burglary, fleeing in Prince Frederick, Md. by Maryland State Police

PRINCE FREDERICK, MD. — Local burglars can rest their weary bones now that they learn that the cops nabbed an out of town crook suspect trying to horn in on their business.

Police report that on 7/20/14 at 11:19 pm, Trooper Newcomer was responding to a burglary at the Granados Tire Store in Prince Frederick, while enroute he located the suspect.  Trooper Newcomer attempted to stop the suspect and he did not comply, exited his vehicle and attempted to flee on foot.  James N. Bryant, 35 of Elkridge, was apprehended.  He was arrested and incarcerated at the Calvert County Detention Center.


DUI Arrests -by Maryland State Police Prince Frederick Barrack for July 22, 2014


Name Age Date of Arrest Address Arresting Trooper
Lea K. Walter 38 7/16/14 @ 11:40 pm Dunkirk, MD TFC D. Saucerman
Michael J. Dillon 26 7/18/14 @ 11:51 pm Huntingtown, MD TFC S. Matthews
Daniel W. Welling 19 7/19/14 @ 02:24 am Lusby, MD TPR. B. Riddle
Forest M. Aspinall 20 07/19/14 @ 02:43 am Prince Frederick, MD TFC D. Saucerman
Lionel I. Montgomery 57 07/19/14 @ 04:57 pm Nanjemoy, MD TFC W. Costello
Gerard Stefanick 55 07/20/14 @ 06:16 pm Annapolis, MD TFC W. Costello
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