Southern Maryland Police Beat: angering the Gods of Common Sense and other tales

Not knowing when he was given a break and not arrested on the spot for driving on a suspended driver’s license, this driver tempted fate and angered the Gods of Common Sense and landed in the slammer. Police report that on 7/14/14 at 6:40 am, Trooper Palumbo stopped a vehicle on Lower Marlboro Rd. in Huntingtown for traffic violations. Stephen P. Miller, 44 of Huntingtown, was driving on a suspended license. He was advised he could not continue to drive and he agreed to make arrangements for his own disposition. Approximately 5 minutes later, after resuming traffic enforcement, Trooper Palumbo observed Miller driving past. He was arrested for failing to obey a lawful order. He was incarcerated at the Calvert County Detention Center.

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