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Prince William Police Beat: Jose had all the wrong moves when busted for DUI; smacked cop

The employee followed the woman outside to the parking lot area of the store, at which time he identified himself as a loss prevention employee and requested that the accused return to the store. The woman followed the employee to the doorway of the store at which point she removed a can of pepper spray from the jacket she was wearing and sprayed the employee in the face. After spraying the employee, the woman fled from the area on foot. The employee was able to retrieve the items from the employee prior to her departure from the store. During the investigation, officers obtained video surveillance that led to the identity of the accused. No injuries were reported. Darnesha Michelle White, of 2714 Shipley Terrace, SE, Washington, D.C. was identified as the suspect and is on the lam.

Country drug dealers hit the big time in big house; 15 years for ‘Kojack’ Berry

According to Berry’s plea agreement and other court documents, from February 2012 to April 2013, Berry conspired with Damon Estep, Alrahman Allen, Jamar Holt and others to distribute cocaine and crack in southern St. Mary’s County. Holt provided Allen with cocaine and other drugs and then regularly called Estep to coordinate the delivery of cocaine to Estep, Berry or others from St. Mary’s County.

Nearly every week, Berry, Estep and others met Allen in the Glen Burnie area and paid Allen for one-fourth, one-half and one kilogram quantities of cocaine for further distribution in St. Mary’s County by Estep, Berry and others at Estep’s direction. Once Berry and others transported the cocaine back to their stash locations in St. Mary’s County, Estep and others would cook portions of the cocaine into crack, and distribute the cocaine and crack throughout southern Maryland at Estep’s direction.

Friday the 13th — Not lucky for District man

Why do officials allow liquor stores to fuel demand of winos & bums with mini liquor bottles?WASHINGTON, D.C. Sept. 14, 2013 — The weather was nice, rush hour was nearly…