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Sunday Fishtackular: Cap’n Larry Jarboe’s sure-fire fishing tips

For those of us who must stay through the winter, there is an excellent opportunity to catch fish that are both good to eat and will bite in the coldest of weather. Blue Catfish are prowling the fresher portion of the Potomac River above the Rt. 301 bridge and most of the other rivers that feed into the Chesapeake. Fresh cut bait is the ticket to guarantee a cooler full of these fish that have no limit or season placed upon them. White or Mud Shad and Alewives are my favorite baits for big Blue Cats. However, getting these baits fresh this time of year has proven challenging. Forget about using these baits if they have been frozen. If you’re going to brave the chill, you want to fill the cooler. That means you must have a bait the brutes are willing to bite on.

Maryland officials just don’t get it: taking away the license of waterman who poached is silly — he doesn’t need a license!

Joseph Bruce Janda Jr., 28, of Wittman, had his commercial license permanently revoked a year ago by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Over a decade, Janda has been charged more than 60 times and been found guilty on numerous occasions for poaching oysters, illegal striped bass fishing and harvesting undersized crabs. In addition, he has been convicted of fishing without a license and fishing on a suspended license.

In 2011, Janda was cited for two crabbing violations within a two-year period worth 35 points on his licenses, which triggered a revocation hearing by an administrative law judge.

In writing last Friday, Judge J. Owen Wise rejected Janda’s appeal, calling him a “chronic offender” who had accumulated 415 days of suspensions.

The Penn 49 Reel Series: Funky, Fun and Functional

He used these reels with wire line to bump bottom as he trolled for Striped Bass, Bluefish, and Sea Trout (Weakfish as the Spotted Trout were most uncommon in the Bay back then).

14 foot boat had 228 undersize rockfish; poaching recreational fisherman fined only $2,000 – got to keep his boat!

ANNAPOLIS, MD. — According to the Natural Resources Police, a Silver Spring man was found guilty last Friday in Annapolis District Court of possessing 228 undersized striped bass. Hervin O….

Coast Guard cites striped bass poachers off N.C. coast

 PORTSMOUTH, Va. (Jan. 17, 2011)– The Coast Guard boarded and cited several fishing vessels in violation of federal law including one vessel in possession of 58 illegally caught Atlantic striped…

Recycling your fish carcass

Finding a home for boneless fish filets is seldom a problem but disposing of fish carcasses can be a challenge.  Most of us do not live on the water where…


   By Steve and Chelley Scala Outdoor Life Writers THE CHESAPEAKE It’s time to ROCK, or so says all who are testing the pre-season waters of Maryland’s Tidewater in search…

Bag Your Trophy Rock for a Buck

By Cap’n Larry Jarboe Editor THE CHESAPEAKE The best way to guarantee catching a trophy rockfish is to fish with a pro. The price for a six passenger charter boat…