MURDER USA: Would-be cop killer Ernesto Viado ended Deputy Darryl Greb’s career as a lawman; doing hard time in Hagerstown prison

A Signal 13 had already brought a tremendous response of off-duty and on-duty deputies and Maryland State Troopers, all of whom sped through the night to the aid of their fellow downed officer.

Murder USA Kyle Shurtleff charged with loading up his girlfriends ride with extra lead; he missed her and killed the car

He then got into a nearby silver Nissan Xterra and used the vehicle to block her in the driveway and reportedly exited the car and stood in front of the victim’s car and continued to fire multiple shots.

DWI & DRUG HIT PARADE: Dennis Evans still going strong with drugs and DWI in the 21st Century

St. Mary’s Deputy Matt Rogers stopped Evans on Medley’s Neck Road near Mulberry Fields Lane on Feb. 3, 2016, and issued him eight charges, all of which were dumped by Fritz.

Maryland State Police Beat / Somebody give Sampson enough heroin to OD and the town will have one less burglar

The deal with Fritz on Oct. 18, 2013, called for Sampson to enter a guilty plea to theft under $10,000 and was sentenced to seven years in prison with four years suspended, allowing him to resume his career in crime upon his release.