Congresswoman Corrine Brown D-Fla and Marylander Chief of Staff Ronnie Simmons Charged with Fraud Scheme Involving Bogus Non-Profit Scholarship Entity

Another member of Congress has been indicted for allegations of fraud, this time following in the tradition of defrauding a charity and using the donations to the charity as her own personal slush fund, according to prosecutors.

Bowie Drug Trafficker Had Nearly a Million in Cash in Safe at DC Crib One block from Biden Mansion

GREENBELT, MD. – Drug dealing pays in a big way. It’s a good thing that drug dealers make so much money, at least for a couple of them mentioned in this crime report, as they have to pay over $200 million in judgments to the Federal Government as part of their convictions. And why not, the federal government was making the neighborhood safe where stashed millions and centered their cocaine business in a hideout just a block from the mansion of Vice-President Joe Biden.

Murder USA: Davonn Fogg shot to death at Metro Station; may have been drug informant

Also Alsobrooks dumped charges of theft, removal of property, carrying a handgun and possession of drugs on Jan. 22, 2015. These dropped charges are indicative that Fogg dropped the dime on some of his drug-dealing pals to police in order to escape charges which would have netted him at least ten years in prison. This possibility would be an excellent motive for murder.