MURDER USA: TIFFANY JADE SMITH TAKES PLEA TO MANSLAUGHTER / Tavon Matthews was assaulting women for twenty years and lily-livered prosecutors enabled him; no more, as his girlfriend filled him with lead

they should give Tiffany Smith a medal for finally putting Tavon Matthews where he belongs: six feet under.

DWI HIT PARADE: FATAL TRIFECTA – St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron says speed and alcohol along with a blown tire at high speed ended lives of Brian Harding and Christopher Goldsmith in a blazing wreck

A fatal crash that took the lives of two men who were in a speeding Volkswagen barreling down Rt. 235 towards Hollywood, is blamed on three factors, a blown tire, alcohol and speed.

Stafford Sheriff Police Beat / Two Calvert County ex-cons didn’t count on a neighbor watching them as they tried to steal a trailer

A guilty plea in Charles County Circuit Court in 2004 resulted in a 15-year suspended sentence which must have rehabilitated him. Remember, voters, this is the Alice in Wonderland Maryland Judiciary System.