Murder USA: THE MIDDLE RIVER KILLERS – Why work for a living when you can rob and kill those who do?

Police say that the investigation into this incident has indicated that the victim had just returned from work and was sitting in his car when the suspects, who had come to the neighborhood to steal a car, approached him. The suspects pulled him out of the vehicle and took his wallet and cell phone. The victim was then shot with three different caliber guns.

Breaking up is hard to do…Woman’s wrath after being dumped – set fire to his house

OWINGS MILLS, MD. – One District woman apparently decided she wasn’t going to be used and abused, placed outside like yesterday’s newspaper, dumped by her beau. Instead, after getting the news that their time together was done she would pay one last visit to the guy who dumped her and when she did, the cops say she brought gasoline and a lighter.

Baltimore County Police Beat: Put Names on These Thugs Who Robbed 90-Year-Old Woman

The initial investigation into this incident had indicated that the victim, who owns the property, was inside one of the apartments cleaning up when the suspects approached and entered the apartment. The thugs asked her where the tenant was and that the tenant owed them money. One of the suspects then pointed a gun at her and demanded her purse. The suspects then took her purse and fled the location.