MURDER USA: #41 – Cops: Drug Dealer Shamar Poole was killed by Anthony Alston and body dumped and set afire on East Belvedere;  Sammie Carroll charged with the murder of mortgage con-man Andreas Tamaris

If the streets of Baltimore were a carnival, Mulberry Street should be a shooting gallery where those who hit the most targets win a stuffed bunny. Instead, the foul and deadly killers of Baltimore continue the march to another record year of murder while the bozo Mayor and politicians of Murder City mouth insane liberal arguments to advance their hold on the city.

MURDER USA Repeat offender drug dealer Shawn Horton arrested on West Pratt Street with loaded gun after string of easy deals from prosecutors

Court records do not reflect the disposition of that motion, however, the fact that Horton was able to continue his career as an admitted drug dealer proves that he was let out of the hoosegow before the end of five years.

MURDER USA Baltimore Homicide and Shooting Update; woman shot in shoulder as bullet zoomed through window; killers only got one of out of three that they nailed on the corner of Death & Slaughter

Baltimore Police say one is dead and two were only winged on the day the Lord may have rested but Baltimore’s thugs are intent on setting a new homicide record as the end of the year is nigh.

Baltimore City Police Detective Momodu Gondo Pleads Guilty To Racketeering And Heroin Distribution Conspiracy

Lastly, Gondo admitted to obstructing law enforcement by alerting his co-defendants about potential investigations of their criminal conduct, coaching each other to give false testimony to investigators from the Internal Investigations Division of the BPD, and turning off his body cameras to avoid recording encounters with civilians.