MURDER USA: Baltimore City Police Detective Sean Suiter shot by own gun; was set to testify at Federal Grand Jury the next day

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  • MURDER USA: A Baltimore City Police detective has been gravely wounded in the violent West Baltimore


MURDER USA: Baltimore City Police Detective Sean Suiter was shot and killed by his own gun; was set to testify at Grand Jury hearing the day after his murder in the investigation of the Baltimore City police officers who were indicted by a Federal Grand Jury in March of 2017.

  • From Police Commissioner Kevin Davis:

  • Det. Suiter tried to call for help and message was garbled,
  • gunfire could be heard in the background of the emergency call from Det. Suiter on his police radio
  • Evidence of struggle on his clothing
  • There were two observations of a suspicious person, both he and his partner saw the suspect behaving suspiciously.
  • There is normally a person immediately in custody, a person shot and killed, a nickname or something is at hand for investigators to work from
  • Autopsy wasn’t performed until four days after the Detective’s death
  • Autopsy gave investigators important hints including where to find the bullet at the time scene
  • The description of a black male with a black coat and white stripe is all they have at this time. 
  • Detective Sean Suiter was NOT a target of the investigation but was to offer testimony in an incident which involved officers who were indicted in the Federal probe in March. 
  • We have video evidence recovered that shows where both Detective Suiter and his partner were located. 
  • The struggle was brief and violent.
  • It is our responsibility to follow the evidence.

Baltimore Detective Suitor died after being shot in the head in West Baltimore on Nov. 15, 2017, as he tried to interview a suspect. Photo courtesy of WMAR

Baltimore City Police Officer shot in head, photo shows one officer crying, one with gun drawn at Fremont Ave. & Bennett Pl. WJZ photo on Twitter

‪One of our officers was shot this evening. Please say an extra prayer for the officer and the officer’s family. We’ll update soon. Thank you. ‬

BREAKING: One officer crying, another with gun drawn at Fremont Ave & Bennet Pl. 


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