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Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans squeaks through another election as voters grow weary of incumbents

Unofficial 2014 Gubernatorial General Election results for Calvert County Last Updated 11/05/2014 03:51:41 PM County Commissioner At Large (Vote for No More Than Two) Name Party Early Voting Election Day…

Bohanan lost Delegate seat but will be returned to full-time status working for Hoyer

State Senator Legislative District 29 (Vote for One) This table may scroll left to right depending on the screen size of your device. Name Party Early Voting Election Day Absentee…

Governor Elect Larry Hogan of Maryland: Hogan Win Likely Shoots Down O’Malley Bid for President as Voters Say No to Third Term with Brown

The Democrats have twice lost the Governor’s post in the past twelve years by nominating a minority candidate who also an incumbent Lt. Governor was playing second fiddle to a two-term Democrat Governor who had become vastly unpopular due to extremist policies.

Senator Tommy Norment’s alleged dalliances with DUI client’s friends led to extortion attempt; senator called in the FBI

RICHMOND, VA. In a case which will likely be studied at law schools and in continuing education courses for attorneys at Bar Association Conventions (that is how they get to write off their taxes attendance at resorts) one Virginia lawyer has gone unnamed as the victim by federal prosecutors. That lawyer was promptly outed by a newspaper as Virginia State Sen. Thomas “Tommy” K. Norment of Williamsburg, Va..

The lawyer, referred to by the federal prosecutors only as (T.N.), having represented Christopher J. Burruss, a DUI driver in court, the relationship during and after the case progressing through New Kent County, Virginia courts, apparently led to allegations in an email extortion attempt of some serious socializing between the client, the lawyer and a couple of women.

The information provided by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney don’t give exact details of the involvement but the reader can rest assured the affair likely included a bar, politicians, booze, perhaps a motel room and well…you can just imagine an episode of a scandal-laden cable TV show like House of Cards and one might have the entire picture.

Biden son tossed out of Navy after testing positive for cocaine

Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden was discharged from the Navy in February after testing positive for cocaine, a person familiar with the case confirmed to ABC News.

The person said Biden had failed a urinalysis test administered in June 2013 before he was discharged from the Navy

Even blue state Dems think its bonkers for O’Malley to run for Prez

Forty percent of Marylanders have a favorable opinion of Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, and 43 percent have an unfavorable opinion of him.

Nineteen percent of residents think Governor O’Malley should run for president in 2016, while 65 percent do not think he should run.

Post declines to endorse Judge Cougar, cites her boy-toy burglar

During most election seasons, it’s hard to get less dramatic races than those for Montgomery County Circuit Court judges. Rarely does anyone challenge the judges in office, who got their positions after going through a complicated nominating process.

This year, as recent primary vote totals show, things are different.

The race, to be decided in November, involves a salacious controversy, allegations of misconduct, and a courthouse filled with lawyers who are at once fascinated and panicked about the whole thing.

“It’s a huge concern for every lawyer I know,” says Joe Fitzpatrick, a longtime local lawyer and former president of the Bar Association of Montgomery County.

The main players are incumbent Judge Audrey Creighton and challenger Daniel Patrick Connell.

Six weeks ago, Creighton, 53, admitted to having an affair with a violent felon who was arrested after allegedly attacking her in her house, where he had been living. The suspect, Rickley Senning, 24, has been jailed on charges of assault, kidnapping and other counts.