Southern Maryland Police Beat / WHEN THUGS GET ADMITTED TO COLLEGE – four students, three of them on basketball team, charged in armed dorm invasion & robbery

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St. Mary’s College where students can get advanced degrees in armed robbery. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Southern Maryland Police Beat / WHEN THUGS GET ADMITTED TO COLLEGE – four students, three of them on basketball team, charged in armed dorm invasion & robbery

ST. MARY’S CITY, MD. – You can take the Thug out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the Thug.

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St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron reports that four alleged bozos and accused armed robbers are now in custody for allegedly bringing their thug ways to the village of St. Mary’s City which is usually peaceful except for the occasional rape of a student by another student – which once was covered up and not reported to police by College officials. Once the scene of a riot where police forces were massed to quell the marauding college students, one of who hurled racial epithets at a black St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Deputy along with an over-zealous deputy spraying pepper spray at a suspect who was already handcuffed and in the custody of a Maryland State Trooper.  Other than those few incidents of turmoil, the only law-breaking is the daily sale and use of narcotics by local and college drug dealers to other college students.

Thus, having a “home invasion” into a dorm committed by four felonious student Dirtbags is another reminder that education is not the answer to all the problems created in the jungle of the Baltimore suburbs and PG County.

Perhaps there is a trendy new course at the college which added “Women Studies” and campuses in other nations along with a million-dollar boathouse built in a critical area in violation of the critical area laws – something like “HOW ARMED ROBBERY IS REVENGE FOR WHITE PRIVILEGE”.

This report from Sheriff Cameron: On February 9, 2018, deputies from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office responded to St. Mary’s College, located in St. Mary’s City, for the report of an armed robbery.  Deputies learned at approximately 3:30 PM, four suspects entered the victim’s dormitory room and demanded property. One of the suspects displayed a firearm and the victim was physically assaulted during the confrontation.

This bozo is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Armed Robbery at St. Mary’s College of Maryland Kyndle Terrell-Jones

Detectives from the Criminal Investigations Division continued the investigation and identified four suspects who are students at the college;

Marquis Xavier Bullet, 18, of 5580 Vantage Point Road, Columbia, Md., (jailed pending a hearing as of Feb. 14, 2018. Faces a preliminary hearing on March 13, 2018.

Kevin Louis Makle, 18, of 3336 Old Gamber Road, Finksburg, Md., was ordered held in jail without bond. Taxpayers should be pleased to know that Makle is lining up to get a free attorney from the public defender’s office. The bad news is that taxpayers will have to pay for his defense. The good news is you get what you pay for and without a real attorney like the Gunslinger Lawyer Kevin McDevitt, this bozo will likely get a long sentence in the state prison which will be less luxurious than his former college dorm.

Judge Clifford Payne, 18, of 9200 Bridal Path Lane, Laurel, Md., has now chosen the path of crime and violence with a firearm in the commission of a crime. Giving him the first name of “Judge” might not have been a good idea when this clown shows up in court before a real Judge. By the time this bozo and the Judge keep answering to the name of “Judge”, everyone might be chuckling in the courtroom as if “who’s on third?” was playing out.   He (Judge) is still in the slammer held without bond until his hearing.  This is his first criminal charge as an adult. Juvenile records, if any, of “Judge”, are sealed to public view. If convicted, Judge will get a new name: “INMATE”.

Judge Payne on St. Mary’s College Seahawks men’s basketball team

JUDGE CLIFFORD PAYNE – is also a star player for the St. Mary’s College Seahawks and graduated from Reservoir High School in 2017.  St. Mary’s College promotes Payne on the team roster as being a First Team All-Howard County where he averaged 18 points and 4 assists.

The college write-up on Payne says he decided to attend St. Mary’s because it’s an Honors college where he can get a good education and play basketball. At the time of the promo being written, Payne hadn’t yet decided on a life of crime, but having been born in the Bronx, New York it could be it just came naturally. 

The armed robbery in which Payne was alleged to be one-fourth of the perpetrators, took place on Feb. 9th. The basketball team played an away game at Southern Virginia on Saturday, Feb. 10th. Payne was arrested on Feb. 13th, leaving the team looking for a new sweetheart to play ball against York on Feb. 14th.  Did Sheriff Cameron give the team one more game to utilize Payne? Surely, the detectives knew the same day of the robbery who the thugs were that robbed and beat their fellow school chum.

Kyndle Joshua Terrell-Jones, 18, of 9417 Manor Forge Way, Owens Mills, Md., has been ordered held without bond and will be enjoying the services of a taxpayer-provided free attorney.

From the results of the investigation, it does not appear this is a random crime on campus. Search and seizure warrants were obtained for the suspects’ dormitory rooms, and arrest warrants for the four suspects were obtained as well. On February 13, 2018, the suspects were located at St. Mary’s College, arrested, and charged with the following:

  • Armed Robbery

  • Robbery

  • Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony

  • Theft $100-$1,500

  • Assault Second Degree


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