HEROIN HIGHWAY TO HELL Junkie Doctors / The Case of the Disheveled Dr. Edith E Mihaescu

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County Wide News article about Dr. Mihaescu when she worked with the Carroll County Health Dept.

HEROIN HIGHWAY TO HELL Junkie Doctors / The Case of the Disheveled Dr. Edith E Mihaescu

Dr. Edith Mihaescu with one of her dogs

WESTMINSTER, MD. – A psychiatrist in Carroll County, Maryland, Dr. Edith E. Mihaescu, has had her medical license suspended due to her erratic behavior and unprofessional conduct, according to records of the Maryland Board of Physicians.

Dr. Mihaescu was educated in Romania and did postgraduate work at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Md., and Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, along with training in child and adolescent psychiatry and the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center in Baltimore. Dr. Mihaescu was first licensed in Maryland in 1983 and her license period was set to expire on Sept. 30, 2019, until the MPB acted to pull her ticket.

Trouble for Dr. Mihaescu began to brew on Oct. 30, 2017, when the MPB received a complaint from a professional counselor in regards to her prescribing practices and availability.

Either the MBP is understaffed
or clowns run the office.

According to Board records, it took investigators nearly two months to bother to visit the offices of Dr. Mihaescu. Given the outcome of the serious and mysterious conduct of the shrink, the Board’s sluggish reaction to the complaint ought to give pause to Maryland citizens about the professionalism of its staff and how serious the Maryland Board of Physicians takes the current opioid epidemic.  Either the MBP is understaffed or clowns run the office.

The investigators showed up in the Westminster office of Dr. Mihaescu on Dec. 19, 2017, in an unannounced visit and report that the office was chaos on steroids. Armed with subpoenas, a copy of the complaint and a request for a response, the MBP reports that shrink seemed to need a shrink.

Told the purpose of the visit, Mihaescu, who had been seeing patients that day, “…appeared disheveled, and repeatedly stated, “I do not care’ about the allegations raised and stated she ‘does not care about the Board’,” according to Board records.

The office of Dr. Mihaescu was “…in a state of extreme disorganization, with large mounds of papers, other clutter, and a dog cage holding a dog in a waiting area. The other rooms of the office, including a room in which the Respondent sees patients, were filled with piles of paper, trash, food, medication samples, and patient charts, to the point where the Board staff was unable to open one of the office doors.”

The investigation into Dr. Mihaescu also revealed that the Board staff obtained pharmacy records, which documented that the doctor was prescribing controlled dangerous substances to patients.

When Board staff showed up two days later to serve subpoenas for patient records and to order her to appear for an interview at the Board office they found the office dark with no one answering the door. Shortly afterward, the doctor was in the office and the staff reported that the condition of the office remained the same as it was on their prior visit, this time noting the dog toys and dog hair on the patient couch, where she deals with patients.

When Dr. Mihaescu failed to appear for an interview on Dec. 28, 2017, the Board acted on Jan. 24, 2018 to suspend her license.

Presumably, Dr. Mihaescu may continue to treat crazy dogs but now cannot treat human patients. “Based on the forgoing investigative findings, Panel B concludes that the public health, safety, or welfare imperatively requires emergency action in this case,” and issued an order suspending her medical license.

Names and phone numbers of Carroll County social workers to assist stranded patients of Dr. Mihaescu.

Psychiatrist’s Son Attempts to Notify Patients About His Mother’s Status; How to Find New Doctor

Adrian Mihaescu, son of Dr. Edith Mihaescu, posted this information on his Facebook page along with images:

“Rehab Center where Gretchen Westphal, Compliance Analyst Investigations sends Edith Mihaescu MD 81 years old with over 50 years of practicing medicine 35 years as a psychiatrist and after 2 years of having open heart surgery. According to Ms. Gretchen expertise, she is disheveled and not available to her patients. To be drilled for 1 hour and a half and intimidated. All our patients please contact Ms. Westphal at the Maryland Board of Physicians tel 410-764-4783 fax 410-358-2252. Only there from 9:00am-5: 00 PM in case of emergency go to your local ER”


First, what happened to her prescriptions that she has been writing?  The Maryland Physicians Board failed to include any summary of what, if any, abuses of prescriptions took place.

Dr. Mihaescu appeared to have suffered a general decline in health after heart surgery and turned her and her practice into chaos

What happened to the doctor is partially revealed in the Facebook post of her son and his effort to reach patients to direct them to new shrinks.

In short, old age happened.

Dr. Mihaescu appeared to have suffered a general decline in health after heart surgery and turned her and her practice into chaos. When a complaint was made to the Board, the time lapse from the complaint to the action was far too long, especially since Dr. Mihaescu was still seeing patients and writing prescriptions.

The Maryland Board of Physicians can be asked to reveal how many prescriptions and for what controlled substances were issued between the time of the complaint to their time of actions, however, anyone dealing with medical records will likely acknowledge such a request to be fruitless as the bureaucrats will project the shield of patient-doctor privilege in denying such a request.  Most such personnel laws and privacy rules serve to protect public officials from accountability by the public.

These questions will likely go unanswered:

  1. Was Dr. Mihaescu using narcotics to treat herself, resulting in her disheveled appearance and chaotic office?
  2. Did she incorrectly prescribe controlled dangerous narcotics to anyone?


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