HEROIN HIGHWAY TO HELL / When your doctor is a junkie; Dr. Mickey O. Mills suspended as physician after dropping out of rehab

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Righttime Medical Care where Dr. Mickey Mills worked for five years prior to being suspended due to being addicted to drugs and exhibiting erratic behavior with patients.

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HEROIN HIGHWAY TO HELL / When your doctor is a junkie

Dr. Mickey O. Mills suspended as physician after dropping out of rehab when booted from urgent care in Crofton for treating patients while impaired on opioids

BALTIMORE, MD. – Dr. Mickey O. Mills has been practicing family medicine for over 20 years, according to various online medical websites; however, her days as a doctor in Maryland have come to an abrupt end due to her becoming a junkie.

The Maryland Board of Physicians took action after the urgent care center where she worked responded to complaints from patients who said that Dr. Mills had fallen asleep while treating patients.

The MBP investigation determined that Dr. Mills has an opioid addiction that triggered her suspension from Righttime Medical Care in Crofton, Md., on Oct. 25, 2017, the urgent care facility where she had been employed since August of 2012.

The investigation determined that Dr. Mills was behaving “erratically and unprofessionally while seeing patients. Specifically, Dr. Mills was observed to fall asleep during patient visits.”

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In an attempt to retain her job and her license as a medical doctor, Mickey Mills entered into a rehab program after being referred by the Maryland Physicians Health Program. 

Mills then checked herself out of the rehab center which in turn notified RightTime Medical Care which referred the situation to the Maryland Physicians Board. After the investigation began into her behavior, Mills reentered the rehab center for treatment of drug addiction, according to Board records. Mills was tossed out of the rehab center for bringing unapproved controlled narcotics into the facility.

Mills then found another rehab center that would accept her which then referred her to “a more intensive program.

Dr. Mills submitted a written response to the MBP explaining that her inappropriate and bizarre conduct with patients while working at RightTime was due to her using “some old prescribed valium for several nights to try to sleep.”

In addition to her weird and erratic actions with patients, the Board investigator soon learned from Dr. Mills’ personnel file at Righttime, that there were “several related instances of unprofessional conduct and treatment errors consistent with impairment, including entering the wrong dosage on prescriptions and ordering tests but then forgetting that she had ordered them.”

In addition, the personnel file of Dr. Mills included statements that she was trying to wean herself off opioids. RightTime then notified the Board that Dr. Mills had resigned from the urgent care facility.

On Dec. 15, 2017, Mills’ license to practice medicine in Maryland was summarily suspended.

An anonymous patient left this comment on yellowpages.com about Dr. Mills on June 28, 2011: “Inconsiderate, she walked out on us! This doctor walked out of the office in workout clothes with three of her patients in the lobby waiting on with appointments to see her. It didn’t matter that we had taken off work and myself took and train and a bus to in 91-degree heat to make my appointment set by her office for me to get my lab results. Imagine the anxiety of learning that your lab tests are abnormal and then waiting for days and then upon getting to the office and paying my co-pay, she is walking out the door.”


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