Southern Maryland Police Beat / WHEN THUGS GET ADMITTED TO COLLEGE – four students, three of them on basketball team, charged in armed dorm invasion & robbery

Thus, having a “home invasion” into a dorm committed by four felonious student Dirtbags is another reminder that education is not the answer to all the problems created in the jungle of the Baltimore suburbs and PG County.

PG Police Beat / “Life of the Party” Outlaw ATV driver killed in crash on public road

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, MD. – Driving an ATV on a public road without lights after dark and without a helmet or even a seatbelt is the fast-track to eternity as yet another Outlaw ATV operator found out when he was run over by a vehicle. The ATV operator was also transporting a passenger, his teen step-daughter, as he sped to his death on the vehicle that is not legal to take on a public road.

Bonnie Lou Meta’s Lead Foot Led to Smash Meeting with Trooper

•Meta entered a guilty plea to speeding on Dec. 20, 2013 after being ticketed for speeding on Rt. 302 near Big Woods Road on Nov. 20, 2013 by Trooper E. T. Bilbrough.
•Meta entered a guilty on July 23, 2013 after another lead-foot adventure resulted in being ticketed for speeding by Trooper E. T. Bilbrough of the Centreville Barrack of the Maryland State Police. She was caught speeding while eastbound on Rt. 302 near Dell Foxx Road on July 24, 2013.
•Meta entered a guilty plea on April 28, 2014 to speeding for a ticket she earned on March 24, 2014 issued by Trooper C. Rosdail of the Centreville Barrack of the Maryland State Police. She was stopped on Rt. 301 north of Cherry Lane.

Maryland State Trooper pulled man back from the edge on bridge

A trooper’s in-car camera captures a tragedy avoided when a Maryland State Trooper from JFK Barrack observed a man walking southbound on the Tydings Bridge in Cecil County.
The trooper approached the man to check on his welfare. While doing so, the man began to climb over the wall of the bridge, attempting to jump. The trooper quickly exited his vehicle and grabbed the man before he could get over the side.
Congratulations to another job well done by one of ‘Maryland’s Finest’!