Osprey once again lay claim to ownership of the Chesapeake region

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Osprey nesting at a platform constructed to provide an alternative to Osprey building a nest on a nearby boat. It works. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photos

Osprey flight line. The Navy and Marine aircraft are named for the unique bird and mimic the flying abilities of the bird.

This osprey takes a break from a busy day of fetching fish to simply sit on the dock of the bay…THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Osprey nest in a channel marker on the Wicomico River. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Silent Sentry waits for fish to swim past. Osprey are known also as “fish hawks” THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Washington DC Harbor Police Officer with rescued osprey

Osprey condos provide a great view of the Potomac River. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Will this Osprey get a ticket for parking in a thru lane? Md transportation folks relocated the nest from in front of their camera at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge at Sandy Point, Md.

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