LET’S MAKE A DEAL – FOR 5 G’s – Princess Anne Town Commissioner busted for extortion

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Politics in Princess Anne in the Proud Tradition of ex-PG County Executive Jack Johnson, Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon, and D.C. Mayor Marion Barry

(PRINCESS ANNE, MD) – – Crooked black politicians learned well at the knees of crooked Irish, Polish and Anglo-Saxon politicians over the years. With Vice President Spiro T. Agnew accepting bags of cash while serving as Baltimore County Executive and while Nixon’s next-in-line; Governor Marvin Mandel serving nearly two years in prison for racketeering until his conviction was overturned; Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon resigned as part of a plea deal after a four-year corruption investigation – now a small town would-be hoodlum politician has been caught putting his hand in the honey jar of cash for play in Princess Anne.

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FREE for Amazon Unlimited customers. Available WORLDWIDE on Amazon. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY on newsstands now in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

The Maryland State Police report that Princess Anne Town Commissioner Lionel D. Frederick II, 25, has been caught red-handed being paid an extortion he solicited from a Somerset County Commissioner. Town Commissioner Frederick may have been after some of that ‘White Privilege’ he might have learned about at UMES where he is a sometime student.

The deal cooked up by the Town Commissioner, who apparently had outgrown the small town politics which didn’t offer many opportunities for unchecked amounts of moola wanted to step up his game.

The game he chose, according to police, was ‘Let’s Make a Deal”.  He didn’t realize that the game he was dealing himself was actually ‘Jeopardy.’

Police say that on May 5, 2016, criminal investigators from the Maryland State Police Criminal Enforcement Division at the Princess Anne Barrack began an investigation into allegations of extortion involving the accused.

The investigation was initiated after information was obtained indicating Princess Anne Town Commissioner Frederick had contacted a Somerset County Commissioner and advised he had someone who would run for the commissioner’s seat, but if the commissioner paid him $5,000, he would convince the person not to run.


Yessiree, this young guy has been studying the Balmor’ Sun and watching YouTube videos, perhaps, to learn how to put Gangsta into politics just like they do in the Big-Time!

If that was the case, that Town Commissioner Frederick was reading and watching such educational sources, perhaps he should have been watching ‘Law & Order’ or ‘Justified’, and he would have realized that the lawmen and lady cops often outsmart yokels just like him.

After allegedly planting the seed for his campaign, Town Commissioner Frederick pulled off his stunt with all of the appropriate posturing seen in old segments of Amos & Andy, where schemes fell apart as fast as they were concocted. Now, in a modern day version of ‘Dragnet’, a Mayberry politician found that his plan to take a ‘Yokum’ rural county commissioner’s money and, in the course of time, after pocketing the cash, would suddenly announce that he had “lots of folks urging him to run.”  Town Commissioner Frederick could have tossed out to the political grapevine that the County Commissioner had tried to bribe him into not running!

Oh, the Intrigue!

On May 9, 2016, Maryland State Police report that Princess Anne Town Commissioner Frederick made contact with the Somerset County Commissioner and arranged to meet and receive half of the $5,000.

Don’t Any of the cheap suits of this generation ever watch the Marion Barry FBI Tape? – “The B**** Set Me Up”

The Maryland State Police investigators conducted a surveillance of the meeting, which occurred at Frederick’s home.  The County Commissioner gave Frederick $2,500.  Shortly after the transaction, Frederick was arrested by state troopers.

Instead of hot cash in his pocket, Commissioner Hot Pockets now will be trying to get a free taxpayer-provided public defender to find a way to convince Somerset County States Attorney Dan Powell to drop the charges.

Where is Boss Hog when you need him?

In a prior case of assault using his van and spraying a victim with mace, Town Commissioner Frederick entered an Alford Plea in Somerset District Court. He was ordered to serve 100 hours of community service with the Judge noting it must be “something akin to shoveling chicken or horse manure”, an appropriate lesson for an aspiring career politician.

Prior to the plea deal for community service in the 2014 arrest for assault, Town Commissioner Frederick released this statement to the press:

“The statements which have been made to the media recently by a certain individual contain falsehoods regarding the events which led to my arrest. The person making those statements was not an innocent bystander, but in fact was the aggressor, and I was forced to defend myself when attacked in my vehicle. I have requested an investigation into this individual’s assault on my person, as well as an investigation into a burglary and robbery of my home and business.  I have faith that once the full story is revealed in court, the truth will unfold and I will be exonerated and charges will be filed against certain individuals.  I have nothing further to say in the matter and wish to leave the fact finding within the judicial system. May God Bless the United States of America.” – Lionel Frederick

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