Drugs USA: Heroin overdose likely for stiff found in john; kid at Leonardtown High Nabbed with $800 in top-grade dope

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Drugs USA:  Heroin overdose likely for stiff found in john; kid at Leonardtown High Nabbed with $800 in top-grade dope

The trail of tracks leads to the grave - Keep on shooting up, Deadheads - The Fix is In! - photo courtesy of Jeff Smith

The trail of tracks leads to the grave – Keep on shooting up, Deadheads – The Fix is In! – photo courtesy of Jeff Smith

LEONARDTOWN, MD. – They found another dead guy in Leonardtown. This one was in a gas station restroom. Finding a drug overdose in public places is not unusual as the heroin epidemic weaves its way through the drug culture in the mid-Atlantic region. With a recent case of a Navy sailor and his wife charged with smuggling heroin onto a Navy aircraft carrier at Norfolk, a local cocktail waitress of heroin dishing a fatal dose to her friend in Leonardtown, to another fatal overdose in Valley Lee, it should not be a big surprise to find a corpse in the restroom of a Dash-In.

However, that is exactly what St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Narco Squad Commander Dan Alioto says took place and the death is being investigated as a possible drug overdose.

On Monday, February 29, 2016, at approximately 6:25 a.m. St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the Leonardtown Dash In, located at 26065 Point Lookout Road, in Leonardtown, Maryland for the report of a male subject sleeping in the bathroom.  Upon checking the male subject’s welfare, he was pronounced deceased.

Capt. Daniel Alioto, Commander Narco Squad

Capt. Daniel Alioto, Commander Narco Squad

 Detectives from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division and the St. Mary’s County Vice/Narcotics Division responded and assumed the investigation. The family of the deceased has been notified and no additional identifiers will be released. Preliminary investigation revealed illegal substances maybe a factor in this death investigation. The subject has been transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore, Maryland for an autopsy and the investigation is ongoing.

The intense hunger for narcotics among the population of America seeking to get high never diminishes. The only solution for many of those on a fast-track to the grave is an overdose.

Capt. Alioto reports that a student at Leonardtown High School was caught today with digital scales and $800.00 worth of high-quality marijuana inside the school as he went about his busy day making sure that as many of his fellow classmates who had the money to do so could get plenty of good weed.


‘Marijuana Use: Detrimental to Youth’

American College of Pediatricians – September 2015

See entire paper at link: http://www.acpeds.org/marijuana-use-detrimental-to-youth

     This position paper from the prestigious American College of Pediatricians provides facts and conclusions about the actual adverse experience from state-authorized use of marijuana.  The article includes a link to another recent position paper from the American Medical Association journal, JAMA, also documenting their official opposition to state attempts to legalize marijuana, see at following link: http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleID=1874073

     The Pediatricians’ article also refers to a Colorado HIDTA detailed report on the serious adverse consequences of legalized marijuana specifically in Colorado at link: http://www.acpeds.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015-LEGALIZATION-OF-MARIJUANA-IN-COLORADO-THE-IMPACT1.pdf  

     The above linked-information is lengthy and quite detailed including many references to valid studies supporting these conclusions of the medical profession in opposition to the massive pro-marijuana-legalization lobbying that Congress is currently inundated with.

     This one-sheet paper is being provided to every one of the 535 Congressional offices by representatives of the Parents Drug Prevention Movement who were in Washington D. C. during the October 4, 2015 mass demonstration on the Mall in protest of the failure of our government at all levels to prevent skyrocketing drug overdose deaths.  And to protest government’s failure to prevent the soaring school massacres nearly all of which involved murderers under the influence of marijuana, see related connection of pot to Ferguson at link: http://www.westernjournalism.com/one-wants-talk-marijuana-ferguson/ 

     PLEASE! FOR GOD’S SAKE help us and listen to our cries for freedom from the slavery of drug addiction.  For our specific recommendations for Congressional action see our full page paid ad in the 8/5/15 Washington Times at link:  http://stoppot2016.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/As-Seen-In-The-Washington-Times.pdf  Thank you,

DeForest Rathbone, Chairman, National Institute of Citizen Anti-drug Policy (NICAP)

301-994-27343, DZR@prodigy.net     and

Joyce Nalepka, President, Drug Free Kids: America’s Challenge (DFK), Silver Spring, MD         Former President of Nancy Reagan’s National Federation of Parents (NFP) 301-681-7861

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