Up in Smoke: refrigerator blamed for this fire, but prior fire at Flag Ponds Park was due to vandals

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Up in Smoke

LUSBY, MD. — A fire that destroyed a Calvert County government-owned shed at 1525 Flag Pond Parkway, Lusby, on Aug. 22, 2014, was caused by a malfunctioning refrigerator which Maryland Deputy Fire Marshall D. Brenneman reports ignited nearby combustible materials.

The loss was set at $40,000 to the 10 x 15 wood shed and $1,000 to contents. St. Leonard Volunteer firefighters responded to the scene after the fire was discovered, but the fire is believed to have occurred sometime between the hours of 6 pm on Aug. 21 to 8:20 am on Aug. 22nd.

The pricey shed was used as guard and security office, according to the Maryland State Fire Marshal.



Fishermans Shanty at Flag Ponds fire in 2012 ruled arson.
Fisherman’s Shanty at Flag Ponds fire in 2012 ruled arson.

From the Calvert County parks website:

In October 2012, vandals set fire to the Fisherman’s shanty at Flag Ponds.
We will rebuild the site, but need your support to do so.


Battle Creek Nature Education Society will be accepting donations of period items for the restored shanty (click here for list). We will also accept financial donations to complete the rebuilding of the structure.

Your financial support will help us furnish the Shanty. Your gift will provide the following:
 $1000 — Kitchen/Cooking
 $250 — Storage Bins & Tins
 $750 — Heating
 $200 — Tools
 $500 — Furniture
 $100 — Personal Items
 $400 — Fishing/Net Tarring  $50 — Outdoor Items
 $300 — Bedding
 $25 — Reprint Old Photos

Please consider supporting the Shanty Fund with a donation. Fill out the donation form below and add “Shanty” to the comment line. For more information, contact Anne at anne@calvertparks.org.

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