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Ben Bradlee dead at 93

At lunch in Trader Vic’s in Washington DC in 1995, hosted by Bradlee for the purpose of giving his view on government to two newly elected Republican St. Mary’s County Commissioners, Larry Jarboe and Chris Brugman, Bradlee had a lot to say about the GOP takeover of Congress in the previous year’s election.
One thing that he said that stood out in my mind was that with so many Republicans elected to Congress and the dramatic shift of GOP being in charge of Congress for the first time in forty years, that there would be plenty for reporters to write about.
“They will be able to come to work and fill their lunch buckets every day,” Bradlee said.

St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Detective Poses for Political Campaign Photo with Candidate While Displaying His Badge

LEONARDTOWN, MD. (Sept. 10, 2014) – A representative of a local Fraternal Order of Police lodge, St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Cpl. William Raddatz, posed for an endorsement photo with Republican candidate for State Senate Steve Waugh and in the photo is shown handing over a political donation to the candidate – all the while displaying prominently on his belt his official Sheriff’s badge.