Southern Md. Police Beat / Cavalcade of newly charged alleged heroin, cocaine dealers and Dirtbags of St. Mary’s County

NEWS AND COMMENTARY Operation Blue Christmas: A special presentation by the detectives of the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Narco Squad and law officers of various federal and state task forces. (Editor’s Note: The following persons are newly charged with serious crimes but not yet convicted of these crimes. Many of them are career dirtbags, drug dealers […]

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Poaching Violations for 13 bushels of oysters nets two watermen $527.00 fine each

Poaching Violations for 13 bushels of oysters nets two watermen $527.00 fine each – Christopher Shannon Lewis, 42, of 14388 Cedar Lane, Greensboro, Md., and Henry Paul Saia, 18, of the same address in Greensboro, appeared in Queen Anne’s District Court on Jan. 7. Lewis was fined $527.50 in a plea deal with Queen Anne’s County States Attorney Lance Richardson. Richardson put seven other charges on the Stet Docket. Saia was fined the same amount. The approximate wholesale price that seafood dealers would have paid Lewis at the time he was cited was about $40 per bushel, which is about the same amount of the fine for each man. The plea deal did not involve any jail time.

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Three Shore Men Charged with Burglary and Theft of Decoys and Tree Stands; Matt Waddell won sweet plea deal from prosecutor for prior burglary

CHURCH HILL, MD. Police say that three men and a juvenile were arrested by Maryland Natural Police officers for a string of thefts of hunting equipment on the Eastern Shore over a three-month period.

Matthew Thomas Waddell, 19, of Church Hill, Md., was charged with twelve criminal counts in connection with the theft of deer stands and Canadian Goose decoys.

Matthew Waddell was charged with conspiracy, a break-in and burglary at a Church Hill farm, trespassing, and failing to record a deer kill on his hunting license. He was ordered held on a $20,000 bond. His preliminary hearing in Queen Anne’s District Court will be on Dec. 29, 2014

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