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Cheap Shots: Will third Mattingly be the charm?

In 1998, Fritz beat Democrat Joseph A. Mattingly Jr. by a margin of less than 1500 votes after he, Sheriff Richard Voorhaar and six deputies swept all available copies of ST. MARY’S TODAY newspaper from the newsstands the night before the election in order to prevent voters from reading critical articles prior to voting.

Gallup: citing high taxes, nearly half of Marylanders want to flee

Thirty-three percent of residents want to move to another state, according to the average of the 50 state responses. Seventeen states come close to that 50-state average. Another 16 are above the average range, including three showing an especially high desire to move. In fact, in these three — Illinois, Connecticut, and Maryland — roughly as many residents want to leave as want to stay

National Train Day is May 10th; Maryland politicians prevent trains from serving So. Md.

Maryland already has track use agreements with CSX in the rest of Maryland and already owns and operates the MARC train system. Other regions of Maryland get more for transportation than does Southern Maryland.

The Last Democrat in Dixie — Will Dyson, Wood and Bohanan all go down to defeat in 2014?

As Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties, along with much of the Eastern Shore and Western Maryland move to dominance by the GOP amid waves of huge tax hikes approved by…

Bogus campaign promise of Democrats in 2006: Commuter rail to So Md

THE LIARS CLUB — In 2006, these Democrats campaigned for office and promised to bring commuter rail on existing CSX tracks to Southern Maryland. Seven years later and not one…