Delaware State Police Beat / Dirtbag Adam Radcliffe, who dragged trooper with his vehicle at traffic stop, died after being hit by officer’s gunfire

The initial investigation reveals a trooper attempted to conduct a traffic stop and was subsequently dragged by the suspect vehicle. The trooper fired his divisionally issued firearm at the suspect.

MURDER USA MURDER USA Two teens charged with murder of Francisco Sagastizado; PG Circuit Judge Amin ordered accused killer Elias Portillo be allowed immigrant juvenile status and not be returned to his father in 2016 — bad luck for dead homeless man

Two bloody murders in Prince George’s County, Maryland have now been solved, both of them at the hands of teens in the ruthless killing fields of the suburban county adjoining Washington D. C. 

MURDER USA Morning Morgue Call Arrives as Regular as the Cock Crows in PG County

On July 8th, at about 5:15 am, patrol officers responded to the 5700 block of Cypress Creek Drive for the report of a shooting. When they arrived, the officers discovered the victim outside suffering from gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

MURDER USA PG Police Report Dead Body Found After Barrage of Gunfire

As PG County continues its march to glory for the Maryland Murder Olympics, striving to close the gap with the killing fields of the City of Baltimore, a young man who graduated from college with a degree in music education and returned to his hometown to mentor the marching band at Oxon Hill High School was killed in a volley of gunfire.