Maryland State Police Beat / Heroin, Crack, Pot-packing, and Oxy led the bill while DUI arrests brought up the rear; Darryl Icenhower had a backup plan to get blitzed with if his heroin didn’t work

Trooper First Class Robinson responded to the Walmart in Dunkirk for a reported intoxicated subject.  Debra M. Vaughn, 28 of Baltimore was located and the investigation revealed numerous shoplifted items in her possession.  A search prior to arrest revealed cocaine/alprazolam and Oxycotin. 

Southern Md. Police Beat / THE SLEEPING PILL-HEAD DRUG DEALER of HUGHESVILLE & the Mysean Chronicles with Nasty Crack in Crack

While transporting Fox, it was revealed by Cameron, without reporting who actually had the disgusting duty of digging into his droopy drawers, that he had allegedly hidden CDS in his underwear. 

Stafford Sheriff Police Beat / Two Calvert County ex-cons didn’t count on a neighbor watching them as they tried to steal a trailer

A guilty plea in Charles County Circuit Court in 2004 resulted in a 15-year suspended sentence which must have rehabilitated him. Remember, voters, this is the Alice in Wonderland Maryland Judiciary System.

MURDER USA – Major Crimes court cases: Joshua Mebane sentenced to two life terms for murder of Teresa Bass and attempted murder of Jerry Bass – shot at random as they walked their dog

Mebane was charged with the first-degree murder of Teresa Bass and the Attempted Murder of her husband Jerry Bass Jr. as the couple walked their dog in the Hampshire neighborhood of Waldorf.

Charles Sheriff Police Beat / Purchasing Agent for Charles County Was Really Cleaning Up with Stolen Toilet Paper

HUGHESVILLE, MD. – According to police, a top-level supervisor in the Charles County Government has been running a wholesale supply business out of his home which was stocked with stolen goods purloined from the taxpayers via his job duties as the county buyer of janitorial supplies.

Murder USA: Joshua Schellhase sent to prison for only six years for murdering his friend with heroin

GREENBELT, MD. – St. Mary’s County is going to lose the services of a serial drug dealer and user, burglar and professional in the copper reclamation theft business – as well as a heroin killer. For the crime of administering a fatal dose of heroin in 2012, a federal Judge has handed down a somewhat lenient sentence of only six years for Joshua Scott Schellhase of Valley Lee, Md.