Murder USA: Joshua Schellhase sent to prison for only six years for murdering his friend with heroin

GREENBELT, MD. – St. Mary’s County is going to lose the services of a serial drug dealer and user, burglar and professional in the copper reclamation theft business – as well as a heroin killer. For the crime of administering a fatal dose of heroin in 2012, a federal Judge has handed down a somewhat lenient sentence of only six years for Joshua Scott Schellhase of Valley Lee, Md.

Swift currents claim third man in seven days at Cove Point on Chesapeake Bay

LUSBY, MD. — Those who are unaware of the swift currents in the Chesapeake Bay at Cove Point Lighthouse should take note of the fact that three people have drowned at that location in one week. Daniel Jason Brown and his brother, Douglas Brown Jr. died on July 27th when both men were caught in the currents of the Bay and drowned. Daniel’s body was recovered the day he died while his brother’s body was found two days later.

Might Makes Right When It Comes To Stealing Steaks; Punches Out Clerk in Pursuit

As the men began to exit, one of them, later identified as Michael Ryan Hunter, 26, of Mechanicsville, turned to Bortchevsky, took a step toward the officer, with his hands curled into fists, and loudly yelled an obscene remark. Hunter was advised he was under arrest and began flailing in an attempt to avoid being handcuffed.

Southern Md. Police Beat: Calvert Cops say District Duo Dug Pricey Shades

Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans – District Thieves Nabbed for Cleaning Out Calvert Shop of Goods Have Been on Spree Throughout Metro Area

PRINCE FREDERICK, MD. — Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans reports that on February 9, 2015, shortly after 9:00 p.m. Dep. J. Buck responded to the T.J. Maxx store in Prince Frederick for the report of a theft. A store employee advised that two men grabbed over $1,400 worth of Coach and Michael Kors purses and fled the store without paying.

Southern Md. Police Beat: Calvert Sheriff’s Deputy Rediker snares two with heroin; man flees from cops in library

Doing Heroin with the Dewey Decimal System at the Library

PRINCE FREDERICK, MD. As yet another example of the continued slide to the sewer of contemporary society in Maryland and the rest of the nation, a ruckus took place at the Prince Frederick library. This is the same library where world-famous author Tom Clancy conducted his research thirty years ago as he penned his famous books. The recent commotion at the library didn’t involve secret agents pouring through the volumes of technical books to see what Clancy might have missed. Instead, three Calvert County deputies were charging into the library tracking a drug suspect.