Calvert Sheriff’s Police Beat: Wild Woman of Borneo Karen Sue Nims bared her teeth to cops on DUI arrest

Wild Woman of Borneo Karen Sue Nims

The Wild Woman of Borneo – Karen Sue Nims

BROOMES ISLAND, MD. — A police officer never knows what kind of wild beast, man or woman, will be his or her next passenger in the back seat of the police car. A paddy wagon was invented for the exact purpose of transporting prisoners who are more dangerous than circus lions and more deadly than wild boars in the mountains of Tennessee.

Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans reports that on June 28 at 6:50 p.m. Dep. T. Holt responded to a call for a fight that was occurring on Oyster House Road in Broomes Island.  One of the subjects involved in the fight was reported to be leaving the scene in a vehicle and witnesses advised the driver was noticeably intoxicated. 

DFC J. Denton and Cpl. E. Basham observed the suspect vehicle and were attempting a traffic stop but the vehicle would not stop.  They cornered the vehicle at Church Road and School Road. 

The driver of the vehicle, identified as Karen Sue Nims refused to exit the vehicle.  She was assisted out of the vehicle by Basham and Dep. Holt.  Holt detected a strong odor of alcohol emitting from Nims and her speech was slurred. 

Nims advised she would submit to a field sobriety test then became upset and started to walk away, falling into the rear of her vehicle.  While being placed under arrest she kicked at the officers, striking Holt in the leg.  She was arrested and placed into the patrol vehicle, at which time she began to yell and scream profanities. 

Nims was found to have suspected drugs on her. She was charged with possession of Oxycontin and resisting arrest as well as driving under the influence.

  • Calvert Sheriff's Police Beat: Wild Woman of Borneo Karen Sue Nims bared her teeth to cops on DUI arrest
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