DOVER POLICE BEAT / Fireflies fly better with Ecstasy at Firefly Music Festival;  Meth, LSD, Cocaine, and Shrooms; Purveyor of 31 Flavors of Dooming Drugs Jordann Reeser Nabbed

While officers conducted a search of Reeser’s belongings, he attempted to flee on foot while handcuffed.  Reeser was apprehended quickly, but a brief struggle led to a minor injury to a Dover police officer (lacerations to upper extremities).

BUILD A WALL AROUND THAT BRIDGE Washington Suburbs Rockfish Poachers HOLA HOMBRES! they violated just about every dang poaching rule that exists

The next night, officers watched as five men from Prince George’s County caught fish and placed them in the trunk of an SUV. When officers stopped the vehicle and searched it, they found 73 striped bass in a duffel bag.

Point Lookout Hotel; memories of fun, history and dreams of yesterday are mixed with reports of trash and poor conditions at State Park

In some fairness to the military owners – they did improve the Old Girl while She was under their command. They installed a sprinkler system, put storm windows on each window, erected a helicopter pad behind the swimming pool (something every little hotel needs,) and saw to it that it was kept in as good of shape as possible.