HEROIN HIGHWAY TO HELL / So, who’s driving this daggone car with both occupants passed out on drugs?

As the hit parade of pills, pot and hard-core drugs, including heroin, firmly take hold among the dumb and the desperate – intent on one thing – a cheap high, law officers are increasingly finding the near-dead passed out from overdoses in vehicles.

Southern Md. Police Beat / THE SLEEPING PILL-HEAD DRUG DEALER of HUGHESVILLE & the Mysean Chronicles with Nasty Crack in Crack

While transporting Fox, it was revealed by Cameron, without reporting who actually had the disgusting duty of digging into his droopy drawers, that he had allegedly hidden CDS in his underwear. 

ANNE ARUNDEL POLICE BEAT / Accused heroin dealer Jacob Caldwell charged in overdose death of Jared Weddle; Armed black male suspect assaulted and robbed pizza delivery man in broad daylight

Evidently warming up for a firecracker of a drunk she would throw the next night to celebrate the New Years, Crazy Christina Hall decided if she couldn’t outrun the cops, she would join them by ramming a police car with her vehicle.

CALVERT SHERIFF POLICE BEAT: Jerky moves land drug-toting union electrician Dominic Sergi in slammer; employer’s drug policy might be what made him nervous

CALVERT SHERIFF POLICE BEAT / Big-Foot statute swiped by thieves who hot-footed away from home DUNKIRK, MD. Will this crime appear on LIVE PD?  Calvert …

Southern Md. Police Beat / Armed robbery by drug dealers staged in area of million-dollar waterfront homes; pistol-whipped druggie customer

Anyone with information regarding this incident or the whereabouts of the Neisa Gaston and Teo-Tre Gaston is asked to contact Detective Melissa Hulse at (301) 475-4200 extension *1996,

Maryland State Police Beat / Troopers finding Drugs and Drunk Drivers During Christmas Drinking, Drugging, Driving and Dying Season

The lenient way that Maryland deals with DUI drivers assures that a plentiful supply of drivers intoxicated with drugs and or alcohol will remain on the public highways ready, willing and able to kill and keep funeral homes flourishing.

MARYLAND STATE POLICE BEAT / Chasity is no virgin at undocumented shopping and other crimes; DUI arrests for Dec. 11, 2017

Mitchell Ruslander is just hardheaded and a bit wild, leaving a string of DUI offenses in his wake, he always gets those sweet plea deals from Calvert States Attorney Laura Martin.