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Star Spangled Spectacular of visiting ships on Sept. 11th to 15th

Star-Spangled Spectacular will feature more than 30 naval vessels and tall ships from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, Germany, Spain and Turkey. The ships arrive on September 10 and depart on September 16 with public visitation between September 11 – 15, generally from noon until 5:00 PM. This will vary to some degree from ship to ship. Please check individual ship pages by clicking any ship in the list below

PG Police ready for Redskins home opener; will Domestic Violence Squad suit up too?

Fans are reminded the enhanced safety policy implemented by the NFL last year, which significantly limits the size and type of bags that can be brought into the stadium, remains in effect. For more information, we encourage fans to visit for specific guidelines on what will be allowed inside FedEx Field.

Possible Cougar Sightings in Fairfax County — good news — they eat deer!

Over the past 48 hours, Fairfax County Animal Control has received two reports of early-morning sightings of a large cat, possibly a cougar, near Riverside Elementary School on Old Mount Vernon Road in Alexandria. Animal Control Officers searched the area of the reported sightings but found no evidence confirming the presence of the animal.


Notre Dame has made it the norm to lose to teams like Michigan State, Connecticut, Navy, North Carolina, and Boston College. These are not top ten powerhouse schools, but then again, neither is Notre Dame.

Since Lou Holtz left the program, nothing has been the same. Brian Kelly has the makings of a good coach. The university should not be quick to fire him after three or four years. He will need time to get his team, his players, and his mindset instilled into this program.

Leonard Copsey’s Seafood Market: Spiced Shrimp, Crabs, Fresh Fish and Oysters Keep Pee Wee and Ralph Hopping

NEW MARKET — Frances “Pee Wee” Gray, co-owner of Leonard Copsey’s Seafood Market on Rt. 5 in New Market operates a busy seafood carryout that caters to a clientele of long-time native residents as well as those motoring in Southern Maryland that are lucky enough to spot the sign for the business.

“I’ve been working around it since I was little, it seems like its been forever. I started out helping my father, buying crabs as a teen. In 1974 I went to work for him full time, he used to have the Famous Drift Inn Crab House, the oldest in southern Maryland. He had the Crab House in the summer and oysters in the winter, and grew tobacco in the summers too,” said Gray.

Two of her sisters and her brother all operate thriving seafood restaurants in the county. Sissy operates the Sandgates Inn on the Patuxent River, her brother Lonnie and his wife Elaine operate Captain Leonard’s Crabhouse on Rt. 235 in Oraville, and her sister Pumpkin and her husband Jerry Bowles own and operate her parent’s long-time business, Drift Inn.

Ocean City shuts down illegal Henna Tattoo boardwalk stands

In the early evening hours of August 9, 2014, Ocean City police, with assistance from ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), shut down eight henna tattoo stands operating on the boardwalk.

Through investigation, it was determined that individuals operating the henna tattoo stands were in the country on active F-1 student visas.

Proposed Late Waterfowl Hunting Seasons Open to Comment

The proposed 2014-2015 late waterfowl hunting seasons and bag limits are now available. DNR will accept public comment on the proposed regulations through August 19, to be finalized in early September after DNR reviews citizens input and obtains approval from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The proposed youth waterfowl hunting days are November 1 and February 7. These special youth hunting days are part of a national effort by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and state wildlife agencies to increase participation in the rich tradition of waterfowl hunting.

The proposed regular duck season opener would run October 11 through 18. The second and third split seasons would be November 8 through 28, and December 16 through January 24.

TODAY’S murder mystery – DEAD ON – Chapter One

Marcus Rydell instinctively rushed from his bedroom and out of the apartment, his 9mm in hand, taking the stairs two at a time. Even here in the stairwell, he could hear the distressed, keening cry of what sounded like a wounded animal, but it was all too human. Definitely a child’s scream, which meant probable cause for him to break down a door, something he’d always relished doing when he’d worked as an Atlanta cop.

The thought pumped blood to his every artery and to the brain. It felt wonderful, like a balm, like a spring shower and train whistle all conspiring to wake him the hell up and out of his previously paralyzing depression.

As he approached 58-B, Marcus made out words coming from an adult male inside. The man’s words were halting, pleading in turn, saying, “Hon-hon-honey, please n’more. Don’t h-hurt me! Please! I’ll be good to you, sweetie. I swear!”

The child endangerment laws left no doubt in Marcus’s mind. He shouted through the door, “I’m coming in! Open up in there, or I kick it in!”

Ocean City cracking down on #1 Rowdy Street with Odd Squad of Nit-Pickers

Ocean City P.R.E.S.S Committee Aims to Combat Problem Properties

Rowdy Street

(08/07/2014) – With the number of summer rentals at its peak, various town departments have joined forces to address property issues related to noise, sanitation, overcrowding and building code violations. The Property Review and Enforcement Strategies for Safe-housing (PRESS) Committee is a group of town officials authorized to address communitywide quality of life issues.