Editorial Cartoon: Ryan – the “real” conservative – Editorial – Pay for slave-labor goods with Tubmans’

Just as reprehensible, then, would be the Obama administration, which proposes continuing these exploitive policies via the TPP while wrapping themselves in the history of Harriet Tubman, proposing to put her on the $20 bill — so we can pay the slavers in Malaysia for all their cheap goods.

Murder USA: Did someone shoot and kill a motorcyclist along the Hughesville Bypass? Medical Examiner says cause was puncture wound caused by crash

HUGHESVILLE, MD – February 28, 2016 — What could have simply been a motorcycle wreck may turn out to be murder, reports police, due to the seldom used practice of a forensic examiner responding to the crash scene to examine the body. In cases of an unattended death, a medical examiner takes a look at a deceased person in the examination room of the Maryland State Medical Examiner.