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Hogan is just too mouthy as he puts together his deal for a Trump cabinet post

Hogan will support Trump after he gets himself a deal for a Cabinet post which will make Rutherford the first black Maryland Governor, which is still better than Little Anthony.

Editorial Cartoon: Ryan – the “real” conservative – Editorial – Pay for slave-labor goods with Tubmans’

Just as reprehensible, then, would be the Obama administration, which proposes continuing these exploitive policies via the TPP while wrapping themselves in the history of Harriet Tubman, proposing to put her on the $20 bill — so we can pay the slavers in Malaysia for all their cheap goods.

Opinion: Time to Defend American Dream

America is at a crossroads, and Americans will need to decide in the upcoming election what kind of country they want to be. A nation that freedom loving people around the world look to with hope, or one that sinks back into the totalitarian ooze that has consumed mankind throughout most of recorded history?

Editorial Cartoons from around America

Editorial Cartoons from around America