Two illegal aliens regarded 12-Year-Old Girl as ‘Fresh Meat’; charged with rape

Federal immigration agents have filed jail detainers on Carbajal and Tome, a jail official said Friday. Such detainers indicate that immigration officials believe they have grounds to deport someone.”

ROBE RAGE: District Judge Joan Davenport performed community service for assaulting another Judge in District Courthouse office

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Order in the court, the Judge is eating beans, or perhaps, is simply off her meds. WJLA reports that Judge Joan Davenport has been arrested on a charge of assault on Judge Sharon Goodie.

Murder USA: Two down for count in PG; Rashaad Tate shot dead and set on fire

On Sept. 14, 2007, Tate was convicted on charges of distribution of drugs in Prince Georges County Circuit Court. Tate had been charged with numerous counts of handgun violations and possession of a large amount of drugs, 50 grams of crack cocaine.

Southern Md. Police Beat / Feds will show Drugstore Cowboys Butler & Shields what a slammed slammer door sounds like and keep these vermin off the street for years

Greenbelt, Maryland – What happens when local hoodlums grow up stealing, thieving and selling drugs? With any luck they get gunned down by one of their heathen outlaw compatriots or get caught and spend the rest of their worthless lives in prison. The Maryland Judiciary run by the White Rabbit and administered by looney liberal Judges won’t get a chance to dump these bozos back out on the community to once again hold up store clerks at gunpoint.

Southern Md. Police Beat / Cavalcade of newly charged alleged heroin, cocaine dealers and Dirtbags of St. Mary’s County

NEWS AND COMMENTARY Operation Blue Christmas: A special presentation by the detectives of the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Narco Squad and law officers of various federal …

Southern Md. Police Beat / cops say Shields was the trigger man

Shields was charged with armed robbery, assault, use of a handgun in the commission of a felony crime and theft on a warrant on July 22, 2005, for an incident that court records say took place on Jan. 12, 2004. The case indicates that an indictment took place, but court records do not show a trial in Circuit Court, which may explain how Shields ended up being assigned to the Patuxent Institution.

Murder USA: it takes a fumbling prosecutor to leave criminals free to kill – Shante Gladden & Earl Bennette charged with murder of drug dealer

Not only is Bennette an alleged drug dealer and burglar, as well as a killer but this dirtbag was also charged with being a Peeping Tom on May 28, 2014. McCarthy dropped this charge too, on Aug. 14, 2014. Those public defenders in Montgomery County must scare the bejeevers out of McCarthy.

Maryland State Police Beat: Ex Con Delonte Bryant wanted for Fourth of July gunfire blast at occupied apartments

SALISBURY, MD – Attention Citizens of Maryland: Your Maryland Court system has once again allowed a dangerous felon to run the streets and prey on the public.

Maryland State Police are requesting the public’s help as they search for a fugitive wanted in connection with a recent shooting in Wicomico County, as well as on a parole retake warrant for a violation of the conditions of his parole from state prison.

The fugitive is identified as Delonte A. Bryant, 21, whose known addresses include the 600-block of East Church Street and the 700-block of Wadena Ave, Salisbury, Md.