Raging Muslim Was Armed to the Teeth When Nabbed After Pointing Gun at Woman on I-95

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Maryland State Troopers are shown here examing weapons seized from a raging Muslim on I-95 after a motorist reported he pointed a handgun at her on the interstate. Police recovered a cache of weapons including an assault rifle. Photo courtesy of Fox 5 Washington.

Raging Muslim Uliyahu Ben’Arie Hayah, aka “Lemon Raetheon Williams” Was Armed to the Teeth When Nabbed After Pointing Gun at Woman on I-95

COLLEGE PARK, MD. — Maryland State Police report that they have identified the man arrested on Feb. 16, 2018, but in an unusual move of initiating secret arrests in Maryland, did not release his identity until Feb. 17, 2018.

While interviewing the suspect driver, troopers saw that the driver was sitting on a handgun.

Maryland State Police say they arrested a 41-year-old Virginia man on Friday in connection with a suspected road rage incident in Prince George’s County.


The suspect, identified as Uliyahu Ben’Arie Hayah, 41, of 8600 Proctors Bluff Lane, Richmond, Virginia, was charged with the use of a firearm in a felony, possession of an assault weapon, illegal possession of handgun in a vehicle, illegal possession of a handgun, first-degree assault, second-degree assault and reckless endangerment. He is being held at the Prince George’s County Detention Center pending an appearance before a court commissioner.

Further investigation revealed that the suspect also had two rifles, one of which was an assault rifle, along with a shotgun and ammunition in the vehicle.

Court records show that Hayah has an alias of Le Mon Raetheon Williams. In Virginia court records for Criminal/Traffic Court in Richmond County, records show “Lemon” as Williams’s first name. Williams was found guilty of reckless driving on Aug. 15, 2014, and fined $228.00. His race was shown as “Black-Non-Hispanic”.  In his road rage arrest with weapons on Feb. 17, 2018, Williams race was listed as “Unknown, Other”.

Using his Uliyahu Hayah identity when he was charged with failing to have his vehicle inspected, he gave an address in N. Chesterfield, Va. When he was cited in Henrico County, Va., and paid a fine of $66.00 in District Court for Henrico County on Sept. 15, 2016.

Shortly after 2 p.m. on Friday, a woman reported that a man driving a black Chevy Traverse pointed a handgun at her on Interstate 95 North near the Prince George’s County and Howard County lines. Troopers made an investigatory stop at I-95 North and Rt. 216 of a vehicle matching the suspect vehicle’s description. While interviewing the suspect driver, troopers saw that the driver was sitting on a handgun.

Further investigation revealed that the suspect also had two rifles, one of which was an assault rifle, along with a shotgun and ammunition in the vehicle. The suspect was arrested at the scene and transported to the College Park Barrack for processing before being taken to the Prince George’s County Detention Center.

The suspect’s vehicle was towed back to the College Park Barrack for further processing. No one was injured as a result of this incident.

Editor’s Note:

  1. A consultation with a Muslim native of the Mideast on the name of the alleged miscreant reveals the following: The name doesn’t make sense as being that of a person from the region and is not a typically Muslim name. While most of the region’s population is composed of Muslims; Jews and Christians in the region will also have Arabic names.
  2. A search of Maryland and Virginia online court records do not reveal the name provided by the Maryland State Police in those records.
  3. Many blacks convert to Islam in prisons and change their names to what they believe are Muslim names and could account for the unusual name and lack of an authentic or typical Arabic name. The name change in prison conveniently assists ex-convicts in concealing their criminal records.
  4. The Police have not yet released a photo of the alleged road-rage armed suspect.

The day Marion Barry was shot by black Muslims

From The Washington Post

A contemporary account of the Hanafi siege from 9News Now. Marion Barry appears around: 51.

It’s a strange tale barely mentioned in the many articles about the former D.C. mayor since his death on Sunday: In 1977, Marion Barry was shot by a group of radical black Muslims. The New York Times gave the shooting two sentences. Even The Washington Post’s Bart Barnes, in his terrific obituary, didn’t devote many inches to Barry’s misfortune:

Charismatic, irrepressible and engaging, Mr. Barry always seemed to get up again. In 1977, while on the council, he was shot during the siege of the District Building (now the John A. Wilson Building) by Hanafi Muslims, who also had taken over the Islamic Center and B’nai B’rith offices.

Mr. Barry’s wound was superficial, but it nevertheless enhanced his mystique. After a brief hospitalization, he returned to the political arena and in less than two years was mayor of the District.

Record scratch. Say what? Why did 12 Hanafis coordinate a siege of three buildings, taking 150 hostages in the nation’s capital on March 9, 1977, and shoot the future mayor of our city? Was this 9/11 in miniature?

Not really. The Hanafi Muslims who took over the John A. Wilson building weren’t foreign nationals motivated by decades-long United States involvement in foreign wars. Instead, the violence stemmed from a bloody beef between African American Muslim groups.

“To the extent that any outsider could understand the anger behind this three-pronged attack,” The Post wrote in 1977, “it seemed to originate in a bitter sectarian feud between two groups that are both black and call themselves Muslim — the Hanafis, who consider themselves orthodox, and the nation of Islam, followers of the late Elijah Muhammed [sic], better known as the Black Muslims.” MORE

Hanafi Siege: 30 Years Later

From WUSA 9News

Dave Statter makes a point. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Written by David Statter

Created:3/9/2007 11:25:26 AM
Last Updated:3/11/2007 5:04:21 AM

Thirty years ago on March 9th, much of downtown Washington came to a standstill. Armed men had stormed B’nai Brith Headquarters at Scott Circle, The Islamic Center on Massachusetts Avenue and later the District Building.

More than 100 people were held hostage by 12 Hanafi Muslims. Killed in the takeover, a young radio reporter, and a security guard. Wounded, with a bullet in his chest, then council member Marion Barry.

The siege was an attempt to avenge the 1973 deaths of 7 members of Hanafi leader Hamas Abdul Khalis’s family. This occurred at Khalis’s home, the Hanafi Muslim Center, on 16th Street, Northwest.

Much of the 38-hour-long drama played out on television. Khalis was in contact with Channel 9 from B’nai Brith and gave his demands over the phone to anchorman Max Robinson.

Former WTOP Radio & TV reporter Alan Grip was a city spokesman at the time of the siege. WTOP Radio’s Steve Thompson talked with Grip as he was held hostage at the District Building.

Some of the reporters and anchors who contributed to our coverage in 1977 have gone on to long careers in local and network television. They include JC Hayward, Bruce Johnson, Mike Buchanan, Gordon Peterson, Pat Collins, Susan King, Andrea Mitchell, Bob Strickland, and Steve Gendel. 

Retired D.C. Police Chief Maurice Cullinane recalls the day the Black Muslims attacked D.C.City Hall and shot Council Member Marion Barry and killed reporter Maurice Williams.

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