Southern Md. Police Beat: Tales from the Hotel St. Mary’s; No honor among heroin couriers

Heroin makes us cool and smart

Tales from the Hotel St. Mary’s; No honor among heroin couriers

LEXINGTON PARK, MD. — There are two types of people in St. Mary’s County, Md. Those who live their lives on the straight and narrow and never do anything which might cause them to be installed in the Hotel St. Mary’s. Then there are another determined underclass of folks who desire nothing more than to live free with three hots and a cot in the slammer. With a thousand stories in the Naked City, this is another one.

According to St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Captain Daniel Alioto, detectives were alerted to a potential contraband smuggling attempted at the St. Mary’s County Detention Center. What that means is that those who wanted to get heroin to junkies in the jail conspired to fill that market need.

Police say that an investigation was initiated and Amanda Arlene Parsley, 37, of California, Md., was immediately identified as a suspect.

Parsley allegedly arrived at the jail and an inmate who wanted her to bring him a fix of heroin released money from his inmate account to her for the purpose of buying the drugs.

What the now enriched heroin courier didn’t know is that the cops were watching her as she arrived in Lexington Park to meet a heroin supplier.

Detectives reportedly observed Parsley and Destiny Dawn Hudson, 35, of Newport News, Va., contact Sidney Leroy Jones, 42, of Lexington Park, in the parking lot of a Lexington Park business. Detectives say they witnessed a transaction between Jones and Parsley.

Capt. Alioto reports that the pair of druggies allegedly decided that the customer behind bars could just simmer in his cell while they enjoyed his funding of the heroin which they would now inject.

Detectives nabbed Jones and approached Parsley and Hudson, both of who were still seated in their vehicle in the parking lot. Detectives observed Parsley preparing a syringe of heroin for injection. She was arrested as was Hudson and charged with the possession of heroin and related paraphernalia.

Jones was arrested and charged with the “Distribution of Heroin”. Additional charges are pending against the previously mentioned suspects as well as two inmates of the Detention Center, as they were conspiring and provided the funds for this druggie adventure.

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