Murder USA: Hobo Camp Death Ruled “Not Foul Play” by St. Mary’s Sheriff Cameron Prior to Autopsy

St. Mary's County Md. Sheriff Tim Cameron with Capt. Steve Hall and deputy in Hobo camp next to the Lexington Park library.   THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

St. Mary’s County Md. Sheriff Tim Cameron with Capt. Steve Hall and deputy in Hobo camp next to the Lexington Park library. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Hobo Camp Death Ruled “Not Foul Play” by St. Mary’s Sheriff Cameron Prior to Autopsy

Hobos & Hookers Patrol

St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron, top right, with his Lexington Park Hobos & Hookers Patrol

LEXINGTON PARK, MD.  –  According to a press release issued by St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron, his detectives, perhaps using super powers, have already determined that there was no foul play at work in the death of a woman living in a hobo camp in Lexington Park.

This determination was made prior to an autopsy being performed. An autopsy can take up to several weeks to be complete as toxicology tests could reveal substances or poisons which may have caused or triggered a death.

According to Sheriff Cameron, “On May 15, 2015 at approximately 1:04 PM, deputies assigned to patrol and the Lexington Park COPs Unit responded to the wooded area behind Nicolet Park for a death investigation.”

“Deputies made contact with a complainant who advised his fiancée, victim Amiee Lynn Jones, had died unexpectedly in her sleep.  The couple had been living in a tent in the wooded area.  Detectives from the Criminal Investigations Division responded and assumed the investigation.  No indications of foul play were observed and a Forensic Investigator responded to the scene.  The victim was transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy.”

There was no explanation from the Sheriff as to why Jones was referred to as a “victim” if the detectives already ruled that there was “no foul play”.

Jones had been in a protracted legal battle for custody and child support with her ex-husband as well as child welfare authorities.

From Court Records:

File Date:             12/18/2009

Entered Date: 12/18/2009 Decision: Granted

Document Name:             Consent Order of Court

Received 12/17/09, entered 12/18/09

ORDERED: Consent Order dated 10/09/09 is RESCINDED in its entirety.

ORDERED: That the Custody Order of 3/16/05 is the controlling Order in this case unless modified herein.

ORDERED: The drop offs and pickups for father’s visitation shall be at 3:45 pm on Fridays and 5:00 pm on Sundays at the 7-11 store on Dalrymple Road and Route 2.

ORDERED: That on the nights when father has visitation with son and son has a Cub Scout meeting, then father shall take son to the meeting as part of his visitation.

ORDERED: That the parties have clarified the 3/16/05 Order, page 2, section 2, which reads, father will attempt to give mother 48 hours notice of special family occasions, birthdays, trips out of State, etc. (not including national holidays) unless father already has son for scheduled visitation.

ORDERED: Father shall continue with his treatment with Dr. Ronald Medlin to include random drug testing, which shall be sent to mother.

ORDERED: When Father telephones son, mother shall make son available on the phone to speak privately with father.

Copies sent to the parties’ attorneys on 12/18/09.

03/29/2010 Entered Date: 03/29/2010Decision:Granted

Document Name:             Order of Court

Received and entered 3/29/10

ORDERED: Mark Chandlee is appointed Best Interest Attorney for the minor children.

ORDERED: The parties shall each deposit $750 into the Court Registry.

Copies sent to the parties’ attorneys & BIA on 3/29/10

07/12/2010Entered Date: 07/12/2010Decision:Granted

Document Name:             Consent Order of Court

ORDERED that the custody order of March 16, 2005 is the controlling order in this case.

ORDERED that the consent order of December 17, 2009 is still in effect unless modified as further.

ORDERED that unless agreed by the parties, all drop off and pickups for all visitations with child shall be at the 7-11 store on Dalrymple RD on Rt.2.

ORDERED unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the father shall have visitation as follows. See order for details.

Copies to counsel. (Judge Kaminetz)


Entered Date:



Document Name:             4D

 Family Magistrate’s Hearing

Re: Def appeared without counsel; def acknowledged receipt of Petition; def advised of right to counsel, waived; Def to continue to pay as ordered; hearing continued until 7/30/15 at 9 am before Judge; notice handed to def; BSE to put hold on disbursing any monies; reissue 2/12/15 summons; Defendant’s present employer/status of employment: has applied for SSDI; child residing with Mr. Jones.

05/11/2015Entered Date: 05/11/2015Decision:

Party Type:          Defendant Party No.:1

Document Name:             Writ of Summons – Civil Issued

Re: Sent copies to Sheriff’s Dept. for service on 5/11/15, #2965, $40.


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