Eastern Shore Police Beat: Easton Police report on guy who wanted to dig up cash for Christmas by pawning stolen earth auger

Eastern Shore Police BeatBurglar Swiped Black Powder Pistol

EASTON, MD. — Easton Police report an old-fashioned burglar has and old-style weapon he or she purloined from a home during a break-in. Police say that on December 12, 2014 officers responded to the 100 block of Prospect Avenue for a burglary. Sometime between 12:00 and 2:30 PM someone broke into the residence and stole a black powder pistol valued at $30.00. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Easton Police Department.

Monkey Business at the Monkey Bars

EASTON, MD.  On December 12, 2014 an officer responded to Idlewild Park for a theft. Sometime between December 11 at 3:00 PM and December 12 at 7:30 AM someone stole a ring from the monkey bars. The ring is valued at $20.00. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Easton Police Department.

Trashy Intruder

EASTON, MD.  Easton Police report that on December 15, 2014 Clarence Daevon Brittingham, 19, of Easton, MD was charged on a criminal summons with trespassing on private property and illegally dumping refuse into a privately owned waste container. Brittingham is accused of putting his personal trash in a commercial dumpster at a business on Ocean Gateway. When the complainant, an employee of the business, confronted Brittingham, Brittingham verbally accosted the complainant. The complainant contacted police who located Brittingham not far from the business. The complainant then made application for the charges.

Not Okay for Okur to Drive without Permit

EASTON, MD. Easton Police say that on December 10, 2014 Mehmet Okur, 48, of Easton, MD was charged on a bench warrant for failing to appear in court. Okur was to appear in Talbot county District Court on December 9, 2014 to answer to a charge of driving without a license. Okur was released by the court commissioner.

Didn’t get the message, now he’s got a date with the Judge

EASTON, MD.  On December 10, 2014 Douglas Scott Hollingsworth, 25, of Denton, MD was charged on a criminal summons with harassment and trespassing on private property. Hollingsworth is accused of showing up at the victim’s residence unannounced on three occasions after being told to leave and not return and by continuously calling the victim’s home after being told not to do so.

So what’s the big deal if High is High?

EASTON, MD. — Did anyone really expect that a guy named high would be low or even stabilized somewhere between high and low? Were his last name “intoxicated”, would he be denied service in a tavern?  Since there is a major hardware chain named “Lowes” and a chain of convenience stores named “High’s” it should surprise no one that a pot-packing fellow named Willie High would be “high”. That is simply a case of living up to his name.

Easton Police report that on December 10, 2014 Willie Raymond High, 30, of Trappe, MD was charged with possession of marijuana. An officer stopped a 1998 Mercury for an equipment violation. During the course of the stop a K-9 scan was completed which resulted in an alert for the presence of drugs. A search of the vehicle and High revealed marijuana that High had on his person. High was released by the court commissioner.

Dirtbag RoundupParents: Do you know where your punk teens are?

EASTON, MD. — Hands up, don’t shoot!  Remember when everyone was talking about teenage bullies shoving other people around as being a “Bad Thing”?  In Easton, it apparently is still a no-no, as the cops rounded up four punks and deposited them right where they belong – in the laps of their parents to have to suffer with their bad behavior.

Police report that on December 5, 2014 four juveniles were referred to Juvenile Services for trespassing on posted property and obstructing and hindering a police officer.

Officers were in the area of the Easton Plaza Shopping Center when they were waved down by a complainant who was working at the Acapulco Restaurant.

The complainant told the officers that four juveniles attempted to enter the restaurant, which was operating as a bar/night club. When the complainant refused them entry because of their age, one of the juveniles threatened to harm them.

The officers began checking the area for the juveniles and located them in some bushes near the bowling alley. As the officers went to make contact with them, the juveniles ran towards the rear of the shopping center. The officers were able to stop them and take them into custody. The juveniles were released to their parents after being referred.

Digging up some cash for Christmas by Pawning Stolen Earth Auger

EASTON, MD. —  According to Easton Police, on December 7, 2014 Sewell Lecompte Frey, Jr., 31, of Oxford, MD was charged on an arrest warrant from Dorchester County with theft less than $10,000.00 and appropriating property without consent. Frey is accused of renting an earth auger from E. S. Hubbard’s in Cambridge and failing to return the auger. Investigation revealed that Frey pawned the auger in DelMar, DE. The auger was valued at $1,200.00. Frey was released by the court commissioner.

The Big Mouth of Mulberry Estates Gets a Chance to Yodel in Jail!

 EASTON, MD. – Police report that on December 7, 2014 Roshanda Leann Murray, 19, of Easton, MD was charged on a criminal citation with disorderly conduct. Officers responded to Mulberry Estates for a report of a fight. When officers arrived the parties had separated and a report was being taken for an assault. As officers were attempting to get information, Murray continued to shout and scream at the officers and others that were inside an apartment. After being told several times to calm down and remain quiet, Murray continued to be loud and was taken into custody. Murray was released after being issued the citation.

Haddaway went that-a-way to court

EASTON, MD. — Police say that on December 7, 2014 Lee Bubnell Haddaway, 48, of Easton, MD was charged on a bench warrant with failing to appear in court. The warrant was for failing to pay deferred costs to the court as directed. Haddaway was identified when he was stopped for an equipment violation and his license was found to be suspended. Haddaway was released by the court commissioner.

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