Heroin Hell: Region’s cops add Duo of Dumb to arrest rolls

Duo of Dumb charged with Heroin rapLEONARDTOWN, MD. 2014-04-09 — According to St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Capt. Daniel Alioto, two more alleged heroin salesmen have been charged with peddling death to the stupid junkies of the area.
Police say that Detectives began an investigation into drug distribution by suspect Ryan Patrick Sullivan, 29, of Lexington Park. A search and seizure warrant was obtained and executed with the assistance of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Services Team, Vice/Narcotics Support Team and K-9 deputies. Ryan Patrick Sullivan was charged with possession of heroin and “suboxone”, while Dana Aaron Hewson, 39, of Lexington Park) was charged with possession of heroin and marijuana. Additional charges are pending a review with the State’s Attorney and felony charges are expected.

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