Southern Md. Police Beat: TEN YEAR SENTENCE /Cops say drug dealer suspect “Big Man” kept good records of his sales; also has a record of leniency by prosecutors

LEONARDTOWN, MD. – It pays to keep track of which cokeheads owe money, who bought heroin last month, which pill poppers are the most dependable pill heads and to list suppliers who always give an annual calendar to their best customers.

According to Capt. Daniel Alioto, the commander of the Vice Narcotics Division of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department, the records kept by James W. Hughes, 26, of 46183 Unit B Drayden Road, in Drayden, Md., documented his activity in a drug ledger.

Baltimore Police Beat: jail guard Melvin Hodges had business hustling drugs to inmates, say police

TOWSON, MD. — Maryland loves drugs and just because some of the residents are in the slammer, why should they be kept from getting their fix? That may have been what was on the mind of Melvin Hodges, as police say he went about making some side money dealing drugs into the joint while picking up a paycheck as a jail guard.

Eastern Shore Police Briefs: But officer, I was just taking a short nap – said driver sleeping at traffic light as the cuffs went on for DUI

“But officer, I was just taking a short nap but I wasn’t on my cell phone”

EASTON, MD. — Easton Police report that one driver had too much Christmas Cheer and failed to either have a designated driver or call a cab.

Police report that on December 22, 2014 Bonnie Kay Williams, 25, of Stevensville, MD was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, driving under the influence per se and driving while impaired by alcohol.

An officer was stopped at a red signal behind a 2003 Hyundai on Ocean Gateway and Chapel Road. When the light turned green, the Hyundai did not move. The officer then tapped on his horn to get the drivers attention and the vehicle still did not move

Eastern Shore Police Beat: What gives about crime in the sleepy little town of Federalsburg?

Eastern Shore Police Beat: What gives about crime in the sleepy little town of Federalsburg? Cops gang up on crime and round up suspects, guns and drugs

(FEDERALSBURG, MD) – Maryland State Police spokesman Greg Shipley reports that crime in the small town of Federalsburg was dealt a blow, at least for a few days. Anything that cuts down on the drug dealing that apparently has fueled two murders in recent months would be a relief to those who wonder what has happened to small-town life in the region.

That Delaware Heroin Has a Deadly Reaction for Preston Man; Brother Charged with Manslaughter in Trade of Oxy for Smack

PRESTON, MD. – Caroline County Sheriff’s Deputies made an arrest of a man responsible for a heroin overdose death, that of the suspect’s brother.

On September 3, 2014 Deputies from the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office, Patrol Division, responded to a residence in the 7000 block of Ganeys Wharf Road, Preston, Maryland, for a cardiac arrest, which resulted in the death of Eric Pattison Matzeit (31 years old).

Southern Md. Police Beat: BIG HEAD THE METH HEAD and others rounded up on drug charges

PINEY POINT, MD. — If drugs are so much fun, why is only one of the above folks smiling? The smile of Abigail Adams could fairly be characterized as being from the embarrassment of being arrested and having her mug shot taken. The others appear in various states of emotion showing being zoned out on drugs to simply being stoic over their situation. In the end, their faces don’t present a view of those having a good day. Especially “Big Head” Morgan. He just might be out of business, at least for a while.

Rounding up another paddy-wagon full of drug suspects recently included “Big Head” Morgan of Piney Point, according to St. Mary’s Narco Unit Commander Capt. Daniel Alioto.