Cruising the Waterfront

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With great seafood recipes and the story of Fitzies Marina
Cruising the Waterfront…Restaurants of the Lower Potomac…where bull sharks swim near Point Lookout State Park’s swimming beach but no one bothers to tell all the visitors! From Cobb Island to Breton Bay to Coles Point, visit some of the best eateries in the land of pleasant living. Also in Kindle and paperback at Amazon.

There are many venues that feature Maryland crabcakes across the land but none of them are prepared with such authenticity as the wonderful kitchens of Southern Maryland along the Potomac River in Northern Neck Virginia…as the Virginians learned how by traveling across the river to Maryland and paying attention.
It is not possible for anyone outside of the Potomac and Chesapeake tidewater region to be able to cook oyster stew, fried oysters or stuffed ham. Therefore, this guide has been prepared in the hope of making it easier to find a few great places to eat along the lower Potomac River. While there are many other fine establishments along the Patuxent, the middle and upper Bay and – even on the Eastern Shore, this brief guide is not about them.
Don’t even begin to think you might get real Southern Maryland cooking in Washington, D.C., as it is just not possible.
COBB ISLAND, Md. — It is only about an hour’s run to Cobb Island, at the most, from most anywhere in St. Mary’s County for those who live or boat on the lower Potomac River but getting there is only half the fun.
The other half, whether docking at Capt. John’s Crabhouse or Shymansky’s Restaurant, located on Neale Sound just off of the Wicomico; is enjoying good food.
Perhaps the best Rockfish on the entire Chesapeake Bay waterfront restaurant scene is to be had at Shymansky’s and in recent years steamed hard crabs were available for only $24 per dozen and as much as $45 per dozen, depending on the supply and market prices.

At that low price the early in the year crabs, which tend to small and light anywhere, are still a good buy and the way they fix them at Shymansky’s makes it a tough choice over the Rockfish.
Owner Butch Shymansky’s prize winning catch one December of a 50 pound Rock can be seen in the tackle shop as the big fish is embraced by his grandson who is about the same size as the striper.
Capt. John’s has one of the best oyster stews anywhere and they have a ton of oysters in every bowl. Another good choice for a fresh seafood entre is the soft crab dinner. Fried light and serving a hearty size crab, this dinner is but one of many great entrees. Check out the all you can eat dinners as well.
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