GOP hopeful for Governor Lollar Fails Basic Maryland History with Blunder

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On newsstands everywhere in Southern Maryland
GOP Gubernatorial hopeful, Charles Lollar, who waged a strong but losing race for Congress in 2010 issued a press release calling for Marylanders to support his campaign with cash and end Maryland being the laughing stock of the nation as a state with high and ridiculous taxes.
Lollar pointed out Maryland was founded in 1788, when actually a charter for Maryland was given to Lord Baltimore by the King of England and the first colonists landed in Maryland on March 25, 1634 which, is actually a state holiday, that, if Lollar were to be successful in winning, he would be invited to preside over ceremonies at St. Clements Island and St. Mary’s City that mark that important date.
Since Maryland’s politicians have such low regard for either history or keeping to a budget, apparently Lollar is well qualified to be Governor. —Ken Rossignol

The full text of his press release:
Since its founding in 1788, Maryland has been a wonderful state in which to raise a family, operate a business, earn a living, and enjoy abundant, beautiful resources such as the Chesapeake Bay and the Eastern Shore.
Over the last few years, hardworking Marylanders have been hard hit with dramatically increased tolls, a 20% sales tax increase, a doubling of many MVA fees, and other tax and fee increases that far outpace inflation and our pay raises. Now we have a new gas tax and even a rain tax that has made us the laughing stock of the nation. Businesses are fleeing Maryland.
The 2014 election offers ALL Marylanders a chance to put a stop to runaway spending and fraud, careless waste, and abuse of our precious taxpayer funds; a chance to once again rise to our fullest potential and prosper!

Will you STAND WITH ME for freedom and prosperity? Will you HELP restore one of the finest states in America? We have a wonderful opportunity to get back on track and regain control of reckless spending, to educate our children, improve business opportunities, and create jobs.
With hard work and a strong belief in the citizens of Maryland, we can right
this ship. In 2014, Maryland must elect a Governor who can do more with
less. There is no time to waste.
For a 24-hour period on Thursday, September 5, 2013, the Charles Lollar for Governor campaign will host its first Money Bomb, “$62 for 62.” That’s $62
for the 62nd Governor of Maryland. Please visit m and
consider contributing $62, or another amount large or small, that you can
comfortably provide. I can assure you that every dollar will be used to
return Maryland to fiscal sanity.

As we kick off our campaign, the next few months are critical to ensuring a
successful political campaign for the 2014 cycle. I hope you will join me by
making this money bomb a success.

Warmest regards,

Charles Lollar

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