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Wicomico Sheriff Police Beat / Convicted burglar Bradley Alexander decided to skip facing the Judge on new burglary raps

DIRTBAG ROUNDUP- Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis reports that on May 30, 2017, at 1:31 PM, a deputy arrested Bradley Michael Alexander, 30, of Salisbury, Md., on two outstanding Circuit Court Bench Warrants at 4610 Pheasant Drive, Salisbury, Md. The warrants were issued after Alexander failed to appear for two cases where he had been charged with Burglary 1st Degree.

Wicomico Sheriff Police Beat / Hot Hobo Mama Had Crack in her Bra

Where does a wanted mama who wants to keep her crack when the cops show up to find out why she is a hobo in a vacant house? That old trusty place is shown in every old movie for the last 80 years.

DWI Hit Parade: Not-jolly Holly tried tears and vomit and then used her fists and hooves in all-star performance of a DUI Momma with kid in her wrecked car

Not a good combination. Boozey, woozy, vomity and snarling and gnarling. A perfect recipe for the jail was a sealed deal when not-jolly Holly began to kick and hit the deputy and then got in a few whacks at another deputy who arrived to help with the alleged wild woman of Borneo.

Wicomico County Sheriff Police Beat: Child, 7, operating ATV killed when crossing road

The Sheriff’s Office reports that their investigation revealed that the ATV was being operated by the young boy who attempted to cross the road and pulled out in the path of an oncoming Ford sedan. The boy was critically injured in the collision and was transported to Peninsula Regional Medical Center where he later died.

Eastern Shore Police Beat: shotgun blast nearly ended lover’s triangle

Werner was soon located driving on Nanticoke Road heading towards Salisbury and was taken into custody. Werner was transported to the Central Booking unit where he was charged and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Werner in the Detention Center without bond.