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Wilmington Police Beat: Cops collar criminals with crack & heroin packing heat; forecast – heavy snow with periods of incarceration!

Frazier was found to be armed with a HW 38 revolver on his person, as well as 5 grams of packaged marijuana. Frazier was taken into custody without incident. Burgos was found to be in possession of 4.0 grams of crack-cocaine on his person, along with 26 grams of packaged marijuana

Ocean City Police Beat: Sean Dempsey returns to jail on new round of drug charges with new raps of fraud and identity theft

OCEAN CITY, MD. – On January 26, 2015, Ocean City detectives served an arrest warrant on Sean F. Dempsey, 24, of Ocean City, MD, concluding several months of investigation. Dempsey was indicted by a Worcester County Grand Jury on multiple charges stemming from eight separate incidents that took place between May and November of 2014.

Dempsey has been charged with thirty-one separate charges including one charge of second degree burglary and multiple theft, fraud and heroin possession charges.

Eastern Shore Police Beat: What made Brandon crack? Burglary suspect barricaded inside break-in for nine hours

(STEVENSVILLE, MD) – The police have done their job and removed Brandon Borradaile from a home that he allegedly burglarized, after a nine-hour standoff. They are also investigating a string of crimes he may have committed. What his family, friends and business associates may be wondering is what set this young man who seemed to be enjoying his new job off on a path of destruction? The key might be in a court date he had pending for March in which he possibly would be jailed for violation of probation and with that outcome, perhaps the loss of his job. The victims of his crimes can’t be too happy to have their homes invaded or auto stolen either so the only winners here are the criminal and his family. The police should be congratulated on handling a volatile situation in a professional manner and with no harm to either the suspect or any of the officers.

Here is the story:

Maryland State Police report that they successfully apprehended an Ocean City man after he refused to come out of a residence he was attempting to burglarize in Queen Anne’s County on Dec. 22, 2014.

The man is identified as Brandon Ross Borradaile, 25, of 9747 Golf Course Road in Ocean City, Maryland. Borradaile was charged with first and third degree burglary and malicious destruction of property. He is being held at the Centreville Barrack for processing and was transported to the Queen Anne’s County Court Commissioner’s Office for an initial appearance.