Embedded Terrorists in Rush of Refugees Will Bring More 9/11 Attacks as Obama Hands the Tools of Destruction of Israel to Radical Islamic Iran

Now the biggest threat yet to emerge since 9/11 has been the cunning plan of ISIS to use civilians as a cover for spreading terrorists throughout the western world and use the unwitting humanitarian sympathies of the Western culture in the process to dupe the West once again. Be assured that as the masses of legitimate refugees flee the madness of the barbarian ISIS leaders, there will be many terrorists embedded in those advancing columns of people yearning to be free of Islamic Radical Killers.

Marine Robert Thomas, of Cambridge, shared memories with recruiters at Salisbury

One of these storytellers is Robert Thomas. Recently, the 73-year-old Salisbury native came by the recruiting office with his dress blues jacket from when he served many years ago. He was not there to show them off, but he had a favor to ask of the Marines. It was a favor that turned out to be a story 50 years in the making.

Thomas was born and raised in the rural farmlands of Cambridge, Md. While he was a senior in high school, he decided to join the Marines, much to the chagrin of his mother.

“I knew at the time when I graduated I did not want anything to do with college,” said Thomas. “I was not ready for it and would probably have been a disaster if I had gone to college.”